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Gregory Gruszecki

Palm Springs, CA 92262-3408

Questions Answered by Gregory

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What are some exercises to correct painful trochanteric bursitis?

2 Answers | Asked by Margaret Smullin on Apr 09, 2014

Answered by Gregory Gruszecki on Apr 22, 2014

The best solution I have found for that is intense stretching. I would try a good yoga class to help make your ligaments more flexible. It might contribute to less pain in those affected joints. Best Greg

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What personal trainer certification does the Equinox gym corporation recommend ?

4 Answers | Asked by Gregory Gruszecki on Mar 10, 2014

Answered by Gregory Gruszecki on Mar 11, 2014

Awesome ! Thank you for the input. Currently I train independently, but will be attending law school in a year or two in another city. I feel like the only way I can get my foot in the door for the market is to start out at a corporate gym to build clientele. I currently have IFTA and ISSA, but I al...

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Is there any way to measure yoga studio retention? Do you think it only has to do with the instructor?

5 Answers | Asked by Melissa woods on Dec 03, 2013

Answered by Gregory Gruszecki on Dec 03, 2013

Yes entirely on the instructor ! Location settings and marketing principles are also very important !

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Which would you consider to be the proper way to incorporate crossfit into a regular strength training program ?

4 Answers | Asked by Gregory Gruszecki on Nov 21, 2013

Answered by Gregory Gruszecki on Nov 27, 2013

I'm not so concerned with the label or name of the work out, but I agree that there is a fine line between cardio and strength. I was always taught to work out as hard as possible so it seems that doing an exercise till one passes out night not be the solution to gaining strength. It can only offer ...

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Does anybody have a sample personal training contract for a contract trainer training at my facility

1 Answer | Asked by Mary Desautels on Nov 20, 2013

Answered by Gregory Gruszecki on Nov 21, 2013

Yes they are pretty easy to find if you search on Google. If you have trouble finding one I can email you a copy of an independent training liability form.

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What is the very first thing you do on the first day of a boot camp program?

2 Answers | Asked by Beth Birgy on Jul 05, 2013

Answered by Gregory Gruszecki on Jul 07, 2013

The first thing you can possibly do when beginning a bootcamp is warm your clients up with simple movements. Have them do high knees from one area to the next, light jogs, sprints, but kickers...etc... This will help give you a feel for your clients athletic ability. Once you have an idea of how in ...

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Do you need a special certification to host bootcamp classes?

5 Answers | Asked by Melissa Sigler on Jul 03, 2013

Answered by Gregory Gruszecki on Jul 03, 2013

Yes, IFTA offers a pretty simple certification for boot camps. It also will make sure your insured just in case a client gets injured. Best of luck Greg

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Feedback for the CHES certification

1 Answer | Asked by Michele Dorszynski on Jun 07, 2013

Answered by Gregory Gruszecki on Jul 02, 2013

Hello ! I took this certification and can say that each study guide is equally as important. Browse through the questions and mark down which answers you have the most trouble with. There are questions on the exam that come from both guides. Best luck Greg

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what is the recognized protocol for personal trainers when it comes to managing suspected body and eating disorder clientele?

5 Answers | Asked by Beau Diehl on May 25, 2013

Answered by Gregory Gruszecki on Jun 30, 2013

This is a highly opinionated question. In my own opinion it would be wise to act with-in the clients best interest. Clients are to be given advice that will only benefit their well being as an individual. That is what a personal trainer should be there for. They are there to help you reach goals tha...

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Is it bad to lift weights when you are young?

7 Answers | Asked by Stephen East on Jun 10, 2013

Answered by Gregory Gruszecki on Jun 10, 2013

It is not necessarily bad to lift weights at your age, although it would be wise to make sure that you are using the correct form on your movements. Also, it may help to understand the types of work outs your are performing and if they are counter intuitive. Lifting weights is perfectly safe if done...

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