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What are some exercises to correct painful trochanteric bursitis?

2 Answers | Asked by Margaret Smullin 324 days ago
Answered by Gardy Reglas 304 days ago
Agree with Gregory! Tretching, specially yhe ITB is very important. It Should be stretched before and after each sessi... read more

Would like to know about beginner certification course

3 Answers | Asked by Jayasree MK 320 days ago
Answered by Gardy Reglas 304 days ago
Hello! One certification I found very helpful when I satarted was AFAA! It spends a huge portion of the cu... read more

looking for information on training a client with muliple scroses

2 Answers | Asked by Jerald Evans 319 days ago
Answered by Gardy Reglas 304 days ago
Hi Jerald! I strongly recommend that this individual sees or has been released by a PT or an OT! The main ... read more

One of my clients suffers from a torn hip labrum. I am trying to strengthen her gluteus medius and maximus. Thoughts?

4 Answers | Asked by Michelle Guerrero 305 days ago
Answered by Gardy Reglas 305 days ago
Hello Michelle! While the gluteus medius is the key muscle to strengthen, don't forget your client. Pay special attent... read more

Exercises for hip replacement

5 Answers | Asked by Kathleen Burlage 345 days ago
Answered by Gardy Reglas 343 days ago
Hello Kathleen! Please aware that after a hip replacement, the gluteus medius is the primary muscle that needs strength... read more

The shoulder is a complex joint--what does the research say is the weakest rotator cuff muscle and why?

Answered by Gardy Reglas 705 days ago
I think the answer to your question is the Subscapularis! Yes, I know it is the largest of the SITS muscles, however, i... read more

What is the best certification to get to teach seniors one on one - ACE senior specialist or Personal trainer certification?

7 Answers | Asked by Robin Marshall 792 days ago
Answered by Gardy Reglas 791 days ago
Hello Robin! I had the opportunity to buy the American Academy of Health, and Fitness Senior Fitness Training Series! ... read more

Corrective exercise Certifications vs Physical Therapy, what is going on?

7 Answers | Asked by Louie Arias 791 days ago
Answered by Gardy Reglas 791 days ago
Hi Louie! Just adding a little bit more to what Natalie and probably others have said! As corrective exercise specialis... read more

As a fitness professional, do you have an obligation to correct others when you're a customer at a gym?

14 Answers | Asked by Harris Sophocleous 819 days ago
Answered by Gardy Reglas 817 days ago
As far as the trainer with the client goes, I'd leave that alone! But if it is just another member doing it, I'd introd... read more

In your experience, does healthcare/medicare/insurance pay for Personal Trainers?

16 Answers | Asked by Bryant Seton 979 days ago
Answered by Gardy Reglas 978 days ago
Hey Bryant! Never once have i had a client being reimbursed by their insurance company for personal training. The reason... read more