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Misalligning ourselves with the supplement industry

5 Answers | Asked by Gale Marchand on Jul 23, 2014

Answered by Gale Marchand on Jul 23, 2014

In clarification, Ariadne, it is a promotional email to IDEA members for the Convention that at the booth of GNC at the convention IDEA members can get 20% off. Again, not against discounts but I really think about this one. Similarly we have people excited about fitness who go get a Zumba 'licen...

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If you could add 1 thing to your IDEA Membership, what would it be?

9 Answers | Asked by Kelli Davis on Dec 18, 2012

Answered by Gale Marchand on Dec 19, 2012

Live streaming monthly videos be included in membership for Mngr level

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ACSM, ACE, NASM are Nationally Recognized Respectable Organizations. Does the Cross Fit Certification hold the same standards?

28 Answers | Asked by Sue D'Alonzo on Sep 12, 2011

Answered by Gale Marchand on Sep 13, 2011

Cross Fit is a business and fitness model that is not broad enough to cover all populations - or several - as an ACE, NASM, ACSM or NETA certification would cover. While there can be redeeming and interesting information in any of these projects like RKC kettlebells, Zumba, Cross Fit, Silver Sneaker...

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