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Do you think that it's better to do a Dynamic Warm Up before a workout? Or should you do a stretch before the workout?

9 Answers | Asked by Gabori Partee on Jan 18, 2012

Answered by Gabori Partee on Jan 20, 2012

Ok guys, I just wanted to let you know that I'm asking the question for members to read. Not for my own information. I'm with LaRue on this one in that a Dynamic Warmup includes a stretch. But you do have clients and gym goers that only do an active stretch for a warmup.

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Should you ever take more rest and recovery than one day off a week?

13 Answers | Asked by Debbie Russell on Aug 12, 2011

Answered by Gabori Partee on Nov 06, 2011

It's always a positive thing when a client wants to know about rest and how much he or she needs. I will tell a client that its ok to take the week off depending on how many weeks we have been going strong. It feels great to let the body heal properly, so we can go for it hard, when we start back ...

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In the military, they promote crunches and situps over most other ab exercises. Do you think they are correct in doing so?

12 Answers | Asked by Gabori Partee on Oct 11, 2011

Answered by Gabori Partee on Oct 12, 2011

I stand behind most military training 100%. Obstacles course and calisthenics are a good test of strength and the ability to move your body in different directions. I don't back the situps all the way because they do put strain on the lower back, and there's plenty of other exercises that offer th...

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Is it better to use free weights or machine weights?

42 Answers | Asked by Rob Gray on Jun 08, 2011

Answered by Gabori Partee on Jun 08, 2011

It's better to use free weights because of the small muscle activation. Machine weights can't activate those support muscles mostly because of the predetermined range of motion. I do agree that machines are safer, and can be used by more people.

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What do you think of Anna Kournikova as the next trainer on the Biggest Loser?

38 Answers | Asked by Kelli Davis on May 25, 2011

Answered by Gabori Partee on May 31, 2011

Just lets me know that it's all about the money. Ratings do wonders for shows that shouldn't even be on TV. She was a joke as a tennis player and whether she's a good trainer or not, means nothing. But hey, Jillian is known as Americas toughest trainer and she wasn't even certified during some of...

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