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Frank Rodriguez

Aarau, AG 5000

Prior to the fitness industry, Frank composed and produced music recordings for various multi-platinum selling recording artists such as: Jennifer Lopez, LL Cool J, and Salt of Salt-N-Pepa. His collaborative works led to several productions on multi-platinum selling projects, resulting in album sales of $8 million in the USA and $20 million globally for EMI Christian Music Group and Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

Frank Rodriguez is certified for over six years by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) recognized in the Health & Fitness industry as one of the top training organizations in the USA & Globally. He has participated in different sports throughout his life, basketball being his personal favorite. Frank continues to expand his education in exercise science and in areas of human performance, passionately committed to the highest standards in personal training and lifestyle management. He is able to better serve his clients, which include: Professional ballet/contemporary dancers, recreational/competitive athletes, corporate executives to everyday people seeking to improve their health, fitness, functionality, and overall performance.

Frank’s blueprint for designing individual and group training programs is structured in research proven methods that have functional applications for pre/post rehabilitation, strength & conditioning, and athletic training. He believes the key is to train hard but train smart. To fuel your body with proper nutrition, and implement correct stress management, rest & recovery techniques, resulting in fat loss, increased lean muscle and enhancement of total performance.

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ACE - Certified Personal Trainer
Expires: Jun 30, 2020

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American Heart Association
Expires: Jul 03, 2012
International CPR Institute INC.
Expires: Jun 08, 2018
International CPR Institute, Inc

AED Certified

American Heart Association
Expires: Jul 03, 2012
International CPR Institute INC.
Expires: Jun 08, 2018
International CPR Institute, Inc.

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  • Hoffman Insurance

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12 Reviews

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by Estelle Seiler on Jun 08, 2013

    Frank is an amazing trainer. Two things I’ve learned so far: (1) Frank always makes sure to create a challenge in his workouts and (2) always makes you laugh!
    He pushes you just enough to extend your limits without over-pushing it. Not only are his workouts varied and fun, but they’re also specific to his client’s needs and objectives. If you have an injury bothering you, Frank will find a way to work around it. Strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, all is included. Frank is a passionate, professional, tough (but in a good way) and super friendly personal trainer.
    I recommend Frank without a doubt. At the end of every training session, I always feel like I’ve had a great time, not only fitness-wise, but also motivation-wise. You can feel that Frank truly cares about his clients and helps them achieve their goals.
    Let me tell you this: if you are training with Frank, you are in good hands.

  • by Mena Venditti on Jun 02, 2013

    I have had a personal trainer for the past 14 years, but no one has been able to achieve the results which I have had in the short time during which I have been training with Frank. Frank is a true professional, absolutely dedicated to his profession. He is astute in his judgement regarding my abilities, encouraging, motivating in his program adapted to me in obtaining my goal. There has been a remarkable improvement in my mobility, flexibility, posture and strength in the 3 months since I have been with Frank, all of which I have been able to utilise in my day to day activities, thus giving me a better quality of daily life. Frank is equally knowledgeable regarding nutrition, complimenting the exercise program particular to my needs.
    I would recommend Frank wholeheartedly to anyone who wishes to have a professional who is passionate in what he practises.
    My only regret is that I did not meet Frank 14 years earlier!
    Mena M.

  • by Michael M on May 30, 2013

    I have trained with Frank Rodriguez and with pleasure I leave this note of reference.

    I am a sports enthusiast, have competed in a number of sports and am a medical doctor.
    Recently, an accident and then bad/overtraining put me off from sports, thus I felt outside advice necessary.

    Frank first discussed with me my goals, injuries, then had a detailed look into my movement patterns, flexibility/range of motion, strength etc.
    I wanted to improve my range of motion, gain core stability, strength, but also flexibility and coordination skills ( well, yesyes, I want it all ). „Short“ session duration was also of importance, to fit within life/work. Specifically I also wanted to prevent future injuries.
    From that info Frank developed three different programs for a 1h/session, 3x/week schedule.

    So, what can I say: I love my program and training with Frank. I have seen a significant benefit, already after only a few sessions. All exercises in my program are complex which is best fun because that challenges also my coordination skills. Of course I could have trained on my own, but with Frank I get a constant and excellent supervision of my „good form first“ (quality of movement) , lots of variation and optimal intensitiy. All the above assures that I get the best out of each training session.

    I also very much appreciate Franks forward looking, positive attitude and his tips on nutrition.


    PS: Frank has an active interest in physical activity and cancer and I can only strongly recommend to exercise regularly if you are a cancer survivor or want to be proactive.

  • by Alice H. on May 20, 2013

    Since I met Frank after attending one of his classes, he became my personal trainer. i don't have any regrets about working with Frank on my training. He's very dedicated & passionate about his work, & listens to his clients in order to adapt the exercises to the needs of each individual client. When working with Frank, his passion for his work is infectious & it's hard not feel motivated & to push yourself further. He's very professional, & he's always open to receiving feedback that could improve my daily exercise routine. One of the things that i like best about working with Frank is that he tailors the exercises exactly to my needs. I feel that Frank doesn't just consider his customers as clients but as individual with each having their own particular requirements. He's always ready to adjust the training depending upon how we feel. He has a warm heart, he cares about his clients & helps each of us to achieve our goals. I feel like I have made significant progress since I started my training with Frank. I'm very happy to have found him. He's the best personal trainer I ever had. I strongly recommend him. He's very good & very kind person

  • by Carlos DeSoto on Sep 22, 2012

    I have had several personal trainers over the years. The last one was Frank. I haven't been able to find anyone like him! He is dedicated to the art and science of personal training. Passionate, detail oriented, challenging yet compassionate, hard-working. A rare gem. Highly recommended.

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