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I am passionate about fitness and wellness! I enjoy teaching others wellness concepts as well as educate people on whole food nutrition! Contact me for workshops, retreats and health fairs as well as corporate stress management fitness and wellness sessions. npathydr@yahoo.com
Years Experience
9-10 years
NESTA - Lifestyle Weight Management LWM
NESTA - Spencer Pilates Instructor (SP)
Spenser Institute - Mind Body Fitness Specialist
Agency Unavailable
Spenser Institute - Certified Stress Management Coach
Agency Unavailable
Provided through my club/employer

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$55.00 / hr
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2 reviews
Patricia Ferreira
On Feb 06, 2014
As a college student, I definitely needed stress relief and I surely got it from taking a class with this amazing instructor. Instead of pushing the students too far, Ms. Johnson told us to do it for ourselves, not for a grade. What we were taught in class, we were able to take outside into our personal lives. Stress management through correct breathing and stretching techniques are two big things that have stuck with me even after the course being over. Truly a great and relaxing experience I encourage others to try out also! Five star instructor right here. (:

-Patricia Ferreira
Billie Crooks
On Jul 03, 2012
Fateria, is a fabulous fitness and health coach! She helped guide me in the right direction when it came to my health choices. I was reluctant to exercise more because of a foot injury, well she gave me many alternatives and helped me to talk through my issues and reluctance. I was able to overcome these things and began to exercise and eliminate some foods that where not healthy, they really weren't. Today I am much healthier, on less medication, my mindset is totally renewed and I am so thankful for the challenges she gave me. She believed in me and Championed me to be my best. Working with her is like a breath of fresh air and sunshine, because she is always this way, HAPPY! Good Luck on your Journey to health and wellness.
Blessings ~ Billie

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