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Esta Morenikeji

Ikeja 102

Questions Answered by Esta

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Hey guys I would like to know where I can get this book please: ' IDEA personal trainer's guide to program design'

3 Answers | Asked by Jonathon Hopwood on May 20, 2014

Answered by Esta Morenikeji on May 21, 2014

I am not sure whether IDEA has any book by that title. I think the best place to check is IDEA store.

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As an in-home personal trainer, what is your favorite piece of equipment to use with clients?

37 Answers | Asked by Jocelyn Martin on Oct 27, 2011

Answered by Esta Morenikeji on Oct 28, 2011

I'll go with dumbbells and HR monitor.

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How do you feel about selling supplements to your clients?

21 Answers | Asked by Karin Singleton on Aug 18, 2011

Answered by Esta Morenikeji on Sep 16, 2011

People are always looking for the miracle pill. If I sell supplement or any "loose it fast gadget" to my clients, I'm acting contrary to what I believe. As fitness pros, our clients trust us to give them sound advice, we should not abuse that trust because of money.

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Do you teach contraindicated exercises in your group exercise classes or personal training sessions?

16 Answers | Asked by Serena Pharr on Aug 22, 2011

Answered by Esta Morenikeji on Sep 16, 2011

I believe what is safe and effective for one person may not be for another. The main thing is to know your participants, so that you can modify the exercise accordingly.

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Do you use an ipod or CD to teach your classes?

9 Answers | Asked by Laura Myers on Sep 14, 2011

Answered by Esta Morenikeji on Sep 16, 2011

I use CD's. That's the common thing in my country.

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What baseline fitness tests/measurements do you take?

14 Answers | Asked by Anna-Lisa Finger on Jun 15, 2011

Answered by Esta Morenikeji on Jul 07, 2011

RHR BP measurement Cardiorespiratory endurance Muscular strength and endurance Waist measurement I believe these measurements are very telling than just the number on the scale.

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Heart Rate monitor vs. RPE/Talk Test for testing exertion?

13 Answers | Asked by Kimberly Hawkinson-Hellyar on Jul 07, 2011

Answered by Esta Morenikeji on Jul 07, 2011

I'll say RPE, considering the fact that medications can affect HR during training

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Which degree would you choose: exercise science or nutrition?

21 Answers | Asked by Stephen Landrum on Jul 01, 2011

Answered by Esta Morenikeji on Jul 02, 2011

Exercise science it is!

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What are your favorite exercises for the "lower body"?

23 Answers | Asked by Jennifer Scrofini on Jun 11, 2011

Answered by Esta Morenikeji on Jun 26, 2011

Rear lunge.

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