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eric leader

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What are some considerations for training clients at an apartment gym?

5 Answers | Asked by Kristie Pogue on Aug 15, 2017

Answered by eric leader on Aug 22, 2017

I always think it's a good bet to start off with a consultation at the facility of the client that way you can get a lay of the land. And then obviously you want them to fill out a park you a release and you also want to make sure you have insurance. Eric leader http://www.everybodyspersonaltrai...

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qualities and traits that would make you stand out among others

13 Answers | Asked by mark caras on Nov 12, 2012

Answered by eric leader on Aug 17, 2017

I would say a sincere interest in your clients mental and physical well-being Eric leader

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The best and worst qualities of your Group Fitness Manager/Director?

15 Answers | Asked by Melanie Byrne on Jun 16, 2011

Answered by eric leader on Aug 14, 2017

In my experience communication and the ability to be able to approach your director is very important. They need to be able to engage the trainers as well as the rest of the staff in a way making them feel a sense of autonomy. Eric leader

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Qualities to master the fitness business

3 Answers | Asked by Hugo Santiago on Jun 09, 2017

Answered by eric leader on Aug 12, 2017

Definitely persistence personality and care for your clients and their well being Eric Leader Owner

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Tennis Fitness and Conditioning

3 Answers | Asked by LaRue Cook on Jul 27, 2017

Answered by eric leader on Aug 04, 2017

Congrats! Eric leader Owner

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What are the best cardio workouts for older people to do at home?

4 Answers | Asked by Zhada Eaves on Jul 14, 2017

Answered by eric leader on Jul 30, 2017

For the senior population, sometimes if they are in an assisted living or facility, their is a stair case present. A lot of times with advanced senior clients we will walk the stairs together. If not, I like going outside with senior clientele that way they get more social exposure in addition to ...

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What is the best type of exercise for someone with lower back pain?

19 Answers | Asked by Angela Cordoni on May 10, 2011

Answered by eric leader on Jul 29, 2017

I would say to definitely emphasize strengthening the core and correcting posture deficiencies. Eric Leader owner,

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What's the simplest way to transition the family to eating clean?

8 Answers | Asked by Mariu Garcia on Dec 29, 2013

Answered by eric leader on Dec 31, 2013

My thought would be a slow progression. First educating them on better choices and portion control, and then a dietary recall to further evaluate their diet. From there, slowly adding and taking away the clean foods, but it has to be progressive. Eric Leader Owner, www.everybodyspersonaltraine...

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doing push up harm brain nerves

5 Answers | Asked by vijay vyas on Dec 25, 2013

Answered by eric leader on Dec 26, 2013

My first thought would be to consult your physician, however, I don't see how push-ups could have too much of a detrimental effect. However, if it does cause you too feel not well, I'd try another form of exercise to stimulate those muscles.

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How much insurance should one buy for personal training?

5 Answers | Asked by Raul Joey Lopez on Dec 21, 2013

Answered by eric leader on Dec 22, 2013

I'd definitely say at least General Liability Insurance. Also, make sure to include a release of risk in your contract to be signed.

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