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Online Tracking System-Whci One is the Best?

1 Answer | Asked by Traci Fisher on May 20, 2014

Answered by James Dixon on May 22, 2014

It appears that your statement is different than your question.... Are you seeking software that is already configured or are you trying to find software to assist you in developing your own system?

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I can't get a reply from Phila Insurance Company?

5 Answers | Asked by Michelle Pallozzi on May 21, 2014

Answered by James Dixon on May 22, 2014

Try Maura (Maura.McHenry@phly.com) She assisted me in getting my renewal complete, hopefully this helps.

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3 Answers | Asked by J. French on Jun 15, 2013

Answered by James Dixon on Jun 18, 2013

Hello I am NESTA certified and never had any issues with them at all. A reputable certification, IMO.

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Any marketing ideas for our fitness studio?

9 Answers | Asked by Karen Isbister on Jun 10, 2013

Answered by James Dixon on Jun 10, 2013

I still think word of mouth referrals is the best form of marketing. Maybve you could run a promotion for the first ___ clients who sign up, they will get a ____ number of classes/sessions for free, and in return they must refer 2 clients. Thats just something off the top of my head. Also wear yo...

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NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach Certification?

3 Answers | Asked by James Dixon on Mar 04, 2013

Answered by James Dixon on Mar 06, 2013

Thanks Desiree!

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I'm a personal trainer who is starting an online training business. Does anyone know which software is best?

11 Answers | Asked by Jeannie Brown on Feb 20, 2013

Answered by James Dixon on Feb 26, 2013

I briefly used Fitness Business Ninja. It was decent, I just didn't need it anymore.

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