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Irvine, CA 92614-5437

Denise Shaw will help you add LIFE to your years and gain body-confidence with her unique fusion of Pilates, Yoga, and functional circuit training in a complete PRIVATE environment. Denise's private studio is equipped with a Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Step Barrel in addition to state of the art strength and functional training equipment ( inc. free weights, cables, Kettlebells, and BOSU). Denise offers full Pilates/Yoga sessions, functional circuit training sessions and a fusion of the three. As an expert in her field Denise holds the following Internationally respected certifications in Pilates, Yoga, Personal Training, and Post Rehabilitation Fitness: American Council on Exercise (ACE) American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Body Arts and Sciences International (BASI). Denise has extensive experience working with scoliosis and spinal fusions. She had extensive spinal fusion at the age of 13 due to severe scoliosis. She also holds a Wellness Coach Certification through Wellcoaches Corporation and holds an MBA in Management from The California State University, San Marcos. She is currently working as a Corporate Wellness Coach specifically with individuals diagnosed with Hypertension and Diabetes 2 to empower and support them through the process of self monitoring and healthy lifestyle change.

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  • Master's Degree, Business, California State University San Marcos

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BASI - Comprehensive Teacher Training Course
ACE - Certified Personal Trainer

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SureFire CPR

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SureFire CPR

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$0.00 / hr, Inquire directly - Rate is determined by type of program, i.e.; partner, private, on location

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8 Reviews

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  • by Audrey Comings on Sep 09, 2011

    I have been a client of Denise for four years. Her sessions are challenging and appropriate for my age. I am continually amazed that Denise presents new exercises often and varies the routines to keep me motivated. Her equipment is first class and her knowledge of physical training is outstanding.

    Audrey Comings

    Response by Denise Shaw on Sep 12, 2011

    Thank YOU Audrey, for the wonderful comments. I am so grateful for your dedication and consistancy these past 4 yrs! You continue to inspire me. You truly embody the message to "Add Life To Your Years" and living proof that a 70+ yr old woman CAN crank out 3 sets of 20 FULL pushups!!!

  • by julieanne hall on Sep 09, 2011

    I've never been healthier, stronger, or looked better than during the year and a half I worked with Denise. Not only is she educated and very experienced in physical training, she is a lovely person who is motivating in a calm, supportive, non-judgmental way. The private training environment Denise has created is such a safety zone. I would recommend her to anyone!!

  • by User on Sep 08, 2011

    Denise is probably the most motivating person I have ever met. I tend to be extremely lazy with exercise but Denise refuses to allow me to wallow in self pity. So I have sore muscles, so what, get out here and work it out and you know what she's right. Denise is the second Pilates instructor that I have had and I must say the difference between the two is amazing. Denise works with your body and what you are capable of doing and makes it easier for you to not only maintain your goal but to go to further heights without even knowing that you have done it. She gets to know your body and what you are capable of and works within those boundaries. She doesn't make you feel like you are not capable of doing something she eases you into it and then congratulates you on your success. Thanks Denise, I really appreciate you as a teacher and as a friend and hope that we have a long time together.

  • by Helen LaFrance on Sep 08, 2011

    One of the best decisions I have ever made was to select Denise as my personal trainer two years ago. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable, always engaging and positive, and has motivated me to make real improvements in my strength, balance and sense of physical well being. Denise has introduced me to Pilates, and varied my work outs with the latest functional and flexibility training techniques. I love her recipe tips and monthly newsletter. Denise is an awesome personal trainer for all age groups and I highly recommend her.

    Response by Denise Shaw on Sep 08, 2011

    Thank you so much Helen, for the VERY kind words. Working with you has been such a joy for me. You always show up to your sessions with a GREAT attitude and willingness to tackle anything I throw your way! I have loved getting to know you and will definitely be tapping into YOUR expertise on gardening soon!

  • by Glenda Menges on Sep 07, 2011

    Since 2007 I have taken weight/pilates training from Denise on a weekly basis. Her interest in my welfare and well being has never waivered during that time. I always enjoy the varied workout and the hour flies by. Over time, I have grown much stronger, more confident in my abilities and have never sustained any injuries. Denise is always open to my comments/suggestions if I'm feeling especially tired or have concerns about my lower back (my weakest spot). I believe she works with all age groups. However, I am turning 60 this year and would highly recommend her to any "older" folks like myself. Overall, I would give Denise an A+ for her training knowledge, people skills and dedication to improving your quality of life.

    Response by Denise Shaw on Sep 08, 2011

    Thank you so much, Glenda! I absolutely LOVE our Wednesday "happy hour" sessions together. I am so inspired by your progress and committment to health and wellness. I feel like we have both grown so much these past 4 years and it has been so much fun sharing this journey with you.

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