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I have been teaching group fitness since 1989. Over the last two decades of teaching, I have experienced many different stages of life all while trying to maintain my personal well-being and health: young and resilient; during pregnancies; working full or part-time jobs; expat living; training for... more less
BSc. Exercise Physiolgy/Kinesiology, Angelo State University
Physical & Health Education, Angelo State University
Years Experience
16-20 years
ACE - Group Fitness Instructor
STOTT PILATESĀ® - AM- Advanced Matwork (L2)
STOTT PILATESĀ® - IM or CMR - Matwork L1
Reebok - Rep Reebok, Progressive Weight Training
Pending Verification
SCW - Pilates Matwork Small Apparatus Certification
Pending Verification
YMCA - stability ball training
Agency Unavailable
YMCA - aquatics instructor
Agency Unavailable
American Heart Association
American Heart Association
American Heart Association Heart Saver AED
Not Insured

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$40.00 / hr
Private Sessions
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Cash, Personal Checks
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9 reviews
Shereen Tadros
On Sep 29, 2012
I have joined Denise's pilates classes for about a year in Dubai. As a person, Denise has such positive energy, she is a great example of a healthy person in her personal life, you get right in the mood for the exercises soon as she walks in the hall as she always believes and enjoys the exercises herself. She is conscious of having a healthy diet and even goes for a 4K run after each class. She does set the right example. Denise is always very pleasant, spontaneous, always welcoming, flexible and friendly person yet she is also very honest, practical, direct and enormously focused which does not allow her kindness to be misused or misinterpreted. The perfect mix that allows her to steer a class without a sweat. Denise is also very professional, never bringing any personal issues to the class and never allowing any external factors to influence her commitment. She's always there and it's always easy going no matter how hard our muscles are working! As a teacher Denise has amazing qualities. She could communicate and explain very smoothly, accurately and influentially. It comes naturally, she does not exert any effort trying to bring the message across. Her voice is well heard and she expresses very clear just at the first time. This is her natural talent, so no time wasted on communication. She is very sensitive to the different capabilities within the group. She could sense this in no time and adjust the exercises to the different levels within the group. She delegates tasks to the more advanced ones if she feels some would need more guidance in the group which is a great advantage to everyone and no one feels on hold on account of others. She levels up or down perfectly and easily, always has a plan for everyone. No one is ever left out. Not to mention how Denise participates on regular basis in various learning channels in order to stay updated and to enhance her knowledge and use the latest practises in pilates. To conclude, a great person, a great example, an amazing teacher, continuously prepared and up to date and a real blessing in all aspects to anyone she knows.
onicha okennedy
On Sep 28, 2011
I have been doing Pliates for a number of years and she is excellent at managing a class at diffirent levels and keeping everybody motived. She also inspires her students to do their best but in a very repectful way of each students' capability. She is always on time and vary the class content in such a way that one can improve but not grow bored with repetitive move all the time. A great instructor for any level and truly someone who walks the talk!
Robin A.
On Sep 26, 2011
I have been doing Pilates and yoga for fifteen years, and Denise is by far the best instructor I have ever had. She makes work-outs fun, even while the practice grows increasingly challenging. She is very aware of the different levels of ability and drive in her students and differentiates her lessons for the various levels in her classes. Denise cares that each student does the exercises properly to minimize risk if injury and maximize benefits. Her ability to communicate is excellent. She is also just a lovely person, sharing positive energy every day. I look forward to her classes and miss them when we are "off season."
Solomon Judson.

I have never come across in my life like Ms.Denise who is very patient in explaining every moment with smile I have come across great teachers in diffrent subjects and in diffrent sport activities but they loose their patience Ms.Denise is entirely diffrent person who makes very comfortable while you learn and practice.I have greatly blessed and benifited by her Pilates classes.
On Sep 26, 2011
Getting to discover Pilates with Denise is a chance because you would discover muscles you would never have guessed were existing in your body!
Denise is a fantastic teacher,she puts a lot of energy in her classes, she gets a lot involved, she cares for her students correcting the postures and adapting to each level.
Apart from that, Denise is a beautiful person "outside and inside" and makes people feel good. I guess , she is also a great coach!

Veronique Talma
On Sep 04, 2011
I'm french and I have discovered pilates with Denise, she is a wonderfull teacher !
Her explanations of every exercise are very clear, she demonstrates them perfectly and she adapts her advice and exercises to each and every student's skill level.
But above all, she is always cheery, positive and energetic with her elegant bearing maybe due to her long practice of pilates ;)
On Sep 01, 2011
Denise is my favourite pilates teacher! I was not keen on pilates, but Denise gave me such a good tips that now I love my training and I am looking forward to start again this year.
On Sep 01, 2011
Denise is a top-notch instructor! She is very motivational and will definitely get you working to your fullest potential. I would definitely recommend her.
On Aug 30, 2011
I have been done Pilates classes with Denise for more than a year and a half and have found her to be a fantastic teacher. She is a great motivator and always ensure that all her students execute the moves correctly. She does this in a very professional way, never leaving us demotivated but always being positive and encouraging us. This is something that I greatly valued in the classes. She can easily adjust from beginners to advance techniques and is always on time for her classes -another thing that is greatly appreciated. Great job, Denise!

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