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Debra is an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certified personal trainer with more than 13 years of personal and professional experience in the health and physical fitness industry. She is familiar with the different forms of exercise used to improve, maintain, and/or optimize health-relate... more less
Ed.D. , University of Pennsylvania
Years Experience
11-15 years
Spinning - Certified Spinning Instructor (STAR 2)
Zumba® - Zumba® Basic 1
AFAA - Group Exercise Certification
Agency Unavailable
American Red Cross
American Red Cross
Forrest T. Jones & Company -via- American College of Sports Medicine

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SMART Fitness Personal Training - Owner/Manager
Within 10 miles of 19151 (Mobile Training Radius)

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Contact me for rates and packages. What is your health worth to you?
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Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks
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An official award, no; a reward, yes. When clients meet their goals, it's an accomplishment for them and a reward for me!
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4 reviews
Debra Williams
On Jun 15, 2014
Hi Debra,

This week I received a message from the fitness site and  typed in the following info below but it warped me over to a log into sign up page. I did not know how to post the info without signing up.

Feel free to use the info. below  in any respect that would be helpful for you. 

Debra is an intuitive professional who carefully evaluates and plans a personal program to assist you in achieving your fitness goals.  She remarkably crafts reshaping  your figure with added benefits of improved health, along with fine tuning healthy eating suggestions for you to maximize and expedite your journey to a new healthy life style. Debra's warm and friendly personality gives her coaching style an A+  to maintain your motivation for long term results.

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Edie Alexander
Sabine H
On Feb 11, 2014
Deb's approach to fitness strikes just the right balance of "let's have fun with this workout" and "okay, it's time to train hard". Her indoor cycling classes are a serious workout. I will say from my own experience as a cycling instructor that Deb knows how to push you just enough, and her music is always motivating (EVERYTHING in cycling class). She's a warm person who genuinely cares about your health/fitness development, and she'll make it fun!
Leslie A
On Nov 12, 2013
Debra is a wonderful and effective trainer who is passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals. Her sessions are thoughtful, challenging, and enjoyable. Debra is always patient and supportive, and her enthusiastic attitude is inspiring.
Amy Jordan
On Nov 10, 2013
Deb is a fantastic fitness instructor! She approaches clients with the best health in mind, and is both patient and firm about reaching fitness goals.

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