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Owner operator of “Debra Stefan Fitness” residential services in the Las Vegas area of Henderson, Nevada Fitness speaker/educator, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, Jumprope coach, and master yoga teacher. Studied yoga since age 15, resident instructor at 18 serving 2 yrs full-t... more less

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$80.00 / hr
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Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks, Cashier's Check
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42 years of professional involvement in the fitness industry
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john c
On Jan 03, 2013
When I met Debra I never thought I'd be in shape, much less athletic again. I had gotten to the point where I couldn't play golf properly, it was an effort to get up out of bed in the morning or even bend over to tie my shoes. Debra changed my life. She is a supportive, inspiring coach, mentor and teacher. There are a variety of exercises and routines to follow. If one routine doesn't work for a client she finds another one to do that makes the same impact. She is there the whole time - a real 24/7 teacher and coach. She inspires you so much with her passion to make you achieve your goals, in my case, I couldn't help but succeed. And she reminded me about what I forgot from my parents years ago about nutrition. If you do a lot of business travel you don't keep a regime about what you eat. Debra gives you boundaries as what you can and should eat, even if you are on a busy schedule. This isn't just a week, two or three course. Debra gives you lessons on how you should exercise, eat and live that are sustainable, and not just the latest exercise / diet fad. I recommend her highly.

On Sep 15, 2012
Seen Debra several times I have been in town for conventions and she is a great pro, knows what she is doing and gave me a program I still stick with at home. I highly recommend her.
John Messer
On Apr 13, 2012
She is very knowledgeable and her answers on this forum reflect an experienced pro who knows first hand and backs it up with video proof.
John Messer
On Apr 13, 2012
She is very knowledgeable and her answers on this forum reflect an experienced pro who knows first hand and backs it up with video proof.
Tommie D.
On Mar 19, 2012
I was in town for a conference and had a 2 hour session with Debra. She took me through a phenomenal intense workout. She had me working every muscle in my body; I was feeling the muscle burn from the workout for 2 days. Debra gave great instructions and gave me a training regimen that I will be able to do in my own backyard or nearby park. Most importantly, Debra had a great atitude, was very encouraging, and was fun to work with.
Tony J
On Dec 07, 2011
I am male, in my 50s and stopped exercise and really watching my diet a couple of years ago. After some half-hearted attempts this year I was about to go to Vegas for a short convention. I did a search and found Debra and the rest is history! Debra is a real pro who knows how to encourage and how to provide distinct instruction. I was not grossly out of shape, but she got me back to a good fitness level, I lost weight and showed me how to eat healthy again. (I knew but I was lazy.) Her program is inspiring since you want to succeed for yourself and Debra. In the months I have been home I have been able to maintain and broaden my exercise routine and diet, thanks to her.
Y. S.
On Jan 13, 2011
Debra and Corky's Live in Fitness is a beacon of honest to god weight loss. With them, you will lose weight the old fashioned way: by working your butt off, while having fun and nourishing your body with proper nutrition.
Rocky Balboa's "That's how winning is done!" has a whole new meaning to anyone who spent any time with Debra and Corky.
I was looking for someone who would help me transform my lifestyle and living with Debra and Corky was just what the doctor ordered. I learned what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle seeing them juggle competing priorities while still ensuring that they eat right and exercise. I returned to my family with all the tools I need to complete a transformation of my body.
Debra's Response on Nov 11, 2011:
Corky no longer works here, but our results are even more life changing than ever! Josh Brown, former MMA pro drops in to give a variety of fat-burning exercises in his MMA Fitness workout. Debra, as always--is your 24/7 Live-in Fitness host!
Buster Renaud
On Jan 13, 2011
Her desire for your success encourages you to strive to surpass your expectations. I recommend Debra Stefan not just as a "Body-for-Life" coach, but for any activity that requires a knowledgeable, dedicated and disciplined trainer.
Charles Field
On Nov 09, 2010
If you are serious about your workouts then Debra is for you. She is not some trainer who walks around for 50 minutes with a clip board. She is in there with you. I have used maybe 10 trainers in my life and she is by far the most knowledgeable one I've ever worked with. She knows her profession and understands the science.

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