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As a nationally certified fitness professional with a B.S. in Medical Technology, I work in unison with my clients to create uniquely individualized fitness programs. My programs allow each of my clients to attain and maintain their optimal fitness levels through a combination of proven scientific t... more less
Medical Technology, Daemen College
Years Experience
11-15 years
TRX - TRX Group Suspension Training Course
AFAA - Group Exercise Certification
Agency Unavailable
AFAA - Personal Trainer Certification
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American Heart Association
American Heart Association

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Evolving Wellness - Owner/Manager
2840 Proctor Road, Sarasota, FL 34231

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Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks
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Natural Awakenings Personal Trainer of the Year - 2007
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  • by Martha Huie,AP, DOM on Jul 14, 2011

    Debi Cristiano offers a variety of fitness plans designed for the individual.
    Since we change physically, based on lifestyle choices, aging and possibly injury, Debi works
    carefully with her clients adjusting to these changes to achieve and maintain optimum health.
    I have been a client of hers for 5 years now. She has consistently and effectively dealt with issues of flexibility, energy levels and weight management at my personal pace.
    Naturally I would refer patients to Debi, as exercise is the second tenet of Traditional
    Chinese Medicine immediately after food therapy. All tenets of TCM work together to keep
    the body and mind in balance. Debi clearly understands the Chinese meridians and as a trainer
    can utilize them to significantly relieve pain.

  • by nikki taylor on Jul 07, 2011

    Debi is phenomenal! Specifically the reason why i choose Debi over all the other trainers i have seen and at times had is that she considers each person as an individual and customises each workout based on the person and where they are mind, body, and spirit.
    What an amazing thing to see a=the transformation you desire with regards to your body and to not have to endure a drill sargeant during this process.

  • by Pam Lutz on Jun 21, 2011

    My relationship with Debi has been totally different from my past exercise coaches due to her intuitive approach to training. From my first session, Debi has customized and modified my workouts based on both my interest and areas needing the most attention. I have had chronic back problems for several years, and she helps me minimize these by working with me to strengthen weak areas and develop new habits to improve my posture and balance. She is an excellent coach whose approach goes beyond just physical exercise, by integrating mental focus, relaxation techniques, and self-awareness into her overall approach. Her holistic approach to exercise recognizes that achieving overall well-being requires ongoing alignment of mind, body & spirit, which for all of us is an ever-changing and challenging process!!

  • by MOS on Jun 20, 2011

    Debi is an amazing trainer. She eschews the lazy, one size fits all approach some trainers take to fitness and instead takes a holistic approach to wellness. This approach has served me very well given past injuries, frustrations, and my incredibly busy work schedule. I don't believe I would have stuck with my current program had I not taken this approach.

  • by P L on Jun 18, 2011

    I have had the pleasure of training with Debi for over 5 years, and have been continously impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. She is a true professional. She really knows what she knows. Combining this knowledge with her sharp intuitive senses, she has assessed my challenges and addressed them systematically, with great attention to correct form, always encouraging me to dare to do more without pain or strain. She has patiently answered my numerous questions, and researched related topics. I have learned so much from Debi, and my body has responded positively through her instruction. I am considerably stronger and better balanced and more flexible. Debi has taught me what I needed to know to support my body and stay fit, sharing herself with confidence and competence. She is the BEST!

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