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Williamsburg, VA 23185

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Certified Personal Trainer, AED/CPR Certified, 2nd Degree Black Belt, Mixed Martial Artist,Road Races/ Marathons,Strength and Conditioning,Weight Loss,General Fitness,Rehab,Injury Prevention.

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Personal Trainer / Coach - Owner/Manager
Within 25 miles of 23185 (Mobile Training Radius)

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Cash, Personal Checks, Cashier's Check
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2nd Degree Black Belt
Completes Marathon
Mixed Martial Arts Cage Fight Raised Cancer Awareness
Guest Speaker At Local Schools
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Client Reviews/Comments

12 reviews
Matthew Sears
On Jul 07, 2013
David Piggott was me and my son's Tae Kwon Do Trainer for a few years. He has great positive energy and is wonderful with all ages of students. We really enjoyed his classes and would be happy to train with him again anytime. Keep the Fire David!
Jennifer Carter
On Jun 04, 2013
I highly recommend David Piggott for personal training and martial arts training. He was a martial arts instructor for my young son and was able to gain respect of the class, keep the kids motivated and engaged in the class and have fun. He is very good with kids and adults and can adapt easily depending upon the person's age and level of skill. He is a self-motivated person that works hard, studies hard and trains hard which is very insprirational. Overall a great teacher!
On Jun 01, 2013
David Piggott is an excellent trainer. He is enthusiastic and very upbeat. His positive outlook keeps you motivated throughout the workout.
Kristin Downey
On Jun 01, 2013
David was the driving force that motivated my 4 kids to immediately begin getting ready when I said it was time for his class !! David has a wonderful, positive way of guiding kids to improve a d progress without feeling like they are failures. His interactions are fun and respectful, yet he manages to convey his expectations. Kids wanted to please him and wanted to learn. He also does a great job with adults and is able to meet the different individual needs of all.
Debbie Ashworth
On May 31, 2013
We met David when we took our son Nick to where he was an instructor at a martial arts facility. We had just moved from Louisiana so Nick was very shy. He started to open up and feel right at home with David right from the start. Nick, as well as my husband and I truly credit David for a lot of accomplishments that Nick has made over the years. He took time with Nick as well as all of the students and made them feel comfortable. You could truly tell that he cared very much for his students. He always praised him and told him what a good job he was doing. I think David is an awesome trainer.
Fletcher Eastham
On May 30, 2013
I first met David Piggott when he became my son's first TWD instructor. He has been an extremely strong & positive role model in my son's life & many other young people's lives here in the Williamsburg martial arts community. I have trained with David myself & know him to be not only a first-rate athlete & martial artist, but also a top-shelf trainer with the knowledge, experience , & positive attitude to guide & motivate his clients to their maximum potential. I highly recommend David.
Fletcher Eastham
Felicia Tomasek
On May 30, 2013
David is an outstanding trainer! He is a positive and energetic individual, who knows how to keep you motivated from start to finish. He truly cares about people and is passionate about his craft. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a good personal trainer and/or running coach.
Steve Barnes
On May 30, 2013
David is an excellent trainer and can keep you motivated. His high level of energy and enthusiasm is contagious.
Ashley Huffman
On May 30, 2013
David really cares about what he does. In addition, he really cares for the clients he trains. He's got a very positive and energetic presence.
Jenn Withers
On May 30, 2013
Motivational and energetic trainer! He takes time to explain the techniques. He is a caring and compassionate individual!

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