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How many of you Personal Trainers out there can see yourself doing this job for the rest of your life?

36 Answers | Asked by Tina Carreras on Jun 16, 2011

Answered by Danielle Levitt on Jun 17, 2011

I don't train full-time any more, but I will always, ALWAYS train on the side! I love to do it so I will keep on doing it.

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What time of the day is best for different types of workouts (cardio, strength, flexibility)?

23 Answers | Asked by Magali Sparks on Jun 09, 2011

Answered by Danielle Levitt on Jun 15, 2011

The best time to work out is a time that you will commit to. Some people use morning workouts to wake them up; others don't yet have the energy to get the best workout in the morning. Some enjoy working out after work to de-stress or because it's conducive to their schedules. It's very individual...

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What baseline fitness tests/measurements do you take?

14 Answers | Asked by Anna-Lisa Finger on Jun 15, 2011

Answered by Danielle Levitt on Jun 15, 2011

I measure circumference at 9 sites and repeat the measurements once per month. I take resting HR and perform either the Three-Minute Step Test or Rockport Walk Test to gauge cardiovascular fitness. In some cases, I modify these. I do postural assessments using overhead squat test and push/pull ...

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