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Looking for the best smartphone/ tablet app for trainers

29 Answers | Asked by Tony Morelli on Aug 01, 2012

Answered by Daniel Sanchez on Aug 23, 2012

I've been using the The Training Notebook, like Chris mentioned. Its sort of like a trainer's clipboard in that it can record individual training programs and you can set up new clients pretty quickly (Par-Q, Fitness Assessments etc...) without having to deal with the paper. You can even take ...

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What do you find are the best apps to help you as a personal trainer?

17 Answers | Asked by Jocelyn Martin on Jan 01, 2012

Answered by Daniel Sanchez on Jul 27, 2012

The Training Notebook app is pretty good. you can take photos of clients to track progress, set-up new clients, and create custom programs for clients. It was built by a personal trainer for other trainers. There's also an online version for tracking lots of clients from a desktop/laptop. www....

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Is there a fitness app out there for either iPhone, iPad or Android to help track clients, etc?

22 Answers | Asked by Sara Foster on Jun 17, 2011

Answered by Daniel Sanchez on Jul 15, 2012

There's an app called The Training Notebook. Looks to be created by an actual personal trainer. Its less a reference guide and more for trainers who already have many clients and need to organize all their information from one place. Backs up your data and have training timer. Some of the traine...

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