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Why did I choose fitness?.... In my school days, I was in volleyball, basketball, track, gymnastics and even horseback riding. It was age twelve when I discovered the exercise videos and loved them! In gym settings, I was always inspired by group fitness classes, for it motivated me to work har... more less
Years Experience
9-10 years
NASM - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
BOSU - BOSU Complete (8hr Instructor Training)
Total Gym - GRAVITY Group
Total Gym - GRAVITY Personal Training
ViPR - ViPR Certified Trainer
Pending Verification
X Sport CAT/ Trixter limited - XBIKE Certification
Agency Unavailable
AFAA - Group Exercise Certification
Agency Unavailable
American Heart Association
American Heart Association

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Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
NASM-CPT, AFAA Group Ex Cert, EFI Sports Medicine Group & PT Certs for GRAVITY Program-Total Gym
Motivated & Inspired members @ gyms/corporate companies:Mueller-PEAK, W.A.E., Sparetime Clubs, West Coast MA, Cal Fit Gyms
Continual Education: CEC's through IDEA Fitness, AFAA and NASM programs
Featured in Marketing photo & video shoot for new branding: Total Gym(2010)
Represented Total Gym new Branding, Sales & choreographed routines with Rob Glick at IRHSA(2010)
Featured in video production shoot with Todd Durkin for Total Gym XLS(2011)
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Client Reviews/Comments

52 reviews
Rhonda Huvane
On Feb 03, 2015
I wrote a review four months ago about Cristy, but I wanted to say that I have now lost a total of 28 pounds! She has given me the support and tools to keep this weight off for good. I have never felt so much energy, so much piece of mind until now. It was the right time in my life to make a positive change. It has been positive in both mind, and in body. I cannot recommend her enough if you need support getting to your weight loss goal, or getting yourself to go deeper with your nutrition and fitness. She can get you there, if you are just willing to let go, trust, and do the hard work. I am so glad I did. Sometimes you just need one person to believe in you, and that can be Cristy. She has given me so much in such a short time. I know I am in control of my future now. She helped me see that was possible. You never know what is possible until you start.
Juli calcagno
On Oct 06, 2014
I've had a great experience with Cristy's training. She is motivating and positive, yet still expects you to do your part. I learned valuable nutritional information that I can use in my children's' lives as well as mine. Money well spent!
Rhonda Huvane
On Oct 06, 2014
I had a great online coaching experience with Cristy. I found her at the right time because I was ready to change. She is the most positive and motivating person! She exudes confidence, and happiness, and that spills over into your life as she gives you the tools to change. She really does make an effort to make you feel good about your experience, and about yourself throughout the process. She checks in with you often, and I really felt so well taken care of. That being said, be ready to be accountable and do the work! She will hold you accountable, but she will also be with you every step of the way to be sure you are successful. I lost 10.8 lbs and 13 inches in three weeks with her coaching, and constant support. I feel so much better on a path of eating and living healthy.
Karla read
On Oct 06, 2014
I was on the fence about starting the coaching with cristy. I wanted to lose some weight, but wasn't sure about spending the money. Let me just say, money well spent. So far I'm down 11lbs and 7 overall inches. I love the changes to my body and I'm still very motivated to keep up the great eating habits I learned!
Lourdes Ortiz
On Aug 30, 2014
Cristy is an awesome coach! I just finished one of her challenges with great results!! :D. I am so happy I did it. The workouts were super fun and I got all I needed nutrition wise. She has a way to challenge people and go the extra mile! You can tell she loves what she does and leads with great example. I am so thankful for all her advice.
Lora Kay
On Aug 25, 2014
Cristy truly leads by example! She walks the walk, exercises her heart out with you, eats clean, and lives life with family and kids. She's a realist who comes up with real-life tips that can be incorporated immediately, and daily (sometimes hourly) encouragement. Cristy has helped lead two fitness challenges that led me to change my lifestyle with healthy habits that I can use for a lifetime!
Amanda Makis
On Aug 25, 2014
Feeling blessed every time I get to learn from Cristy during one of the several challenges I have participated in. Cristy seems to get me and really helps me to achieve my goals. When I need an extra boost or words of encouragement, I can count on Cristy. I look forward to upcoming challenges that Cristy and the Beachbody team have to offer.
Michelle Dixon
On Aug 24, 2014
I've been following Cristy's challenges/fitness advice for about a 1 1/2 years now. I just adore this lady! She has given me the greatest gift of all and that was to teach me to love myself enough to take time for my health and wellness. She has inspired me to take time everyday to make ME a priority by scheduling my workouts and thinking twice about what food goes into my body. By making these changes, I have seen major changes in the form of weight lose, more muscle definition, and increased energy. In addition to physical changes, my mental outlook has changed as well. Because I feel good......I've become a more patient person to those around me (especially kids :). Cristy is the full package deal and inspires those around her to strive for change and major transformation. Thank you Cristy! You are a blessing to those around you!!
jill klein
On Aug 23, 2014
LOVE LOVE LOVE this lovely lady! !! She was a HUGE part in completely changing my life!! My daily eating and fitness routine has forever changed and improved. She takes the time out of her own hectic days to make you feel like you are her ONLY client and sincerely cares about YOUR health. I look forward to continuing my journey leading the healthiest life for me and my family with her by my side!!!
Katy Reyes
On Jun 05, 2014
I was "talked" into jointing a challenge last minute by a friend of mine recently and Cristy happened to be her coach! I've always been told that people come in your life for a reason! I now truly believe this. I have never felt more blessed to have worked with Cristyy as my coach. She gives 110% to every participant and makes you want to always be 1% better each day. The coaching, tips and encouragement that she gave me will stay with me forever. I'm so happy to be starting another challenge with her soon!

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