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I am an elite personal trainer who has worked one on one with clients since 1987. Over the years I have gained insight into the art of tailoring exercise regimes to maintain strength, balance and advanced skills on the hills skiing, running trails, golf course,or tennis courts. I am here to help yo... more less
Years Experience
26-30 years
ACE - Personal Trainer
ACSM - ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
IDEA - Nutrition Essentials Certificate
TRX - TRX Group Suspension Training Course
American Red Cross
American Heart Association
1st Response Training
CPR & First Aid Co.
American Red Cross
American Heart Association
1st Response Training
Fitness Pak

Connie's Locations

Wood River YMCA - Trainer/Instructor
101 Saddle Road, Ketchum, ID 83340

Additional Information

You can choose any amount of sessions you wish. Partner, small group, online and home programs available also.
Payment Methods
Cash, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
Published author
Golden Retriever owner
Occasional chef
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Client Reviews/Comments

13 reviews
Maria Morris
On Feb 03, 2015
Connie's essential core class is SO MUCH FUN!! that I don't realize what a killer work-out I'm getting until the next day when I can feel every muscle in my body! I've also never injured myself in her class which I have done to myself in other classes - I think that's because she does such a great job of instructing and also chooses exercises that support the body while strengthening the core. She also changes it up every week so that the class remains fresh. The music she chooses just makes me want to move and the class goes by in a flash - time flies when you're having fun! I love Connie's playfulness and honest humor. Connie has decades of education, experiential knowledge and self-development that makes her a very skilled and compassionate teacher. She inspires me to workout and stay fit. Thank you Connie!!

Maria Morris
Ketchum, Idaho
On Dec 11, 2014
Connie's Essential Core class is worth getting up for in the morning! It's a full 30 minutes of fun strength moves, balanced for maximum conditioning, and a great group of people to start wednesdays with. Connie's enthusiasm goes far beyond the physical element-- I walk out of class and feel good in all ways. Laura Todd Hailey, ID
Brent Bommentre
On Sep 29, 2014
As a professional figure skater I've been exposed to some of the incredible trainers over the years... but Connie is by far the best. She always has creative ways to increase my strength and stability to support sport specific actions. She is also a blast to work with and always has a positive attitude.
In short- Connie Rocks!
joney otteson
On Mar 23, 2014
Connie's Core Class is such a great supplement to my other outdoor activities. It really isolates and strengthens your stomach. Bringing more strength to my other athletic pursuits. The class is really fun, and flies by and you come out feeling great.

I have also attended her TRX classes and loved the way it transitioned and each week built from the last.
susan neaman
On Mar 17, 2014
Connie's core class is great! I get a great core work out listening to fun music. Connie's enthusiasm gets you to and through her class..The class is full of great ladies and one or two token great guys.
Thanks, Connie
Patty Pedersen
On Jan 21, 2014
After years of adding on a few pounds each year, I realized that, in my late 50's, I was heading toward physical disaster. After attending one of Connie's Core Classes (which are excellent!), I decided to sign on with Connie & get back on track to a healthier me.

I am delighted with Connie's enthusiasm, skill, and her attention to my individual needs. Her training sessions are a joy, full of positive reinforcement, and she is realistic in setting individual goals. I would highly recommend utilizing Connie's expertise to jump start your own fitness goals. Don't wait another minute!
Cheryl Rice
On Mar 21, 2013
At first I may have been a little intimidated by Connie's own personal level of fitness. Was I good enough to work out with her? Oh yeah, I am worth it and she is worth it at any price. Connie is committed in her profession, committed to living a healthy life AND committed to helping you improve your own level of fitness. Working out with her is never boring. She always has something new to keep you engaged. She challenges you, but always with positive feedback. Connie is the most creative trainer I have ever known. She has had a very positive effect on my life and I can't imagine my life without her influence.
Gayle Marie
On Jan 22, 2013
Connie is a superb trainer. She always manages to keep our sessions upbeat and fun -- so much so that it's not until I get back to my car that I realize I have had a rigorous workout! Her caring concern for me extends beyond our sessions in the form of helpful emailed web links and her collaboration with my physical therapist. I have all the confidence in the world that she will help me attain my goals of getting back into shape and staying there!

Gayle Marie
Hailey, Idaho
On Oct 01, 2012
Connie gently moved me from my favorite pastime of reading on the sofa, to a much more active balanced lifestyle. I look forward to my sessions with her, which are always responsive to my needs of that day. Whether I need a quieter session with lots of yoga, strength training and cardio, or addressing a current issue like knee pain or osteoporosis, she can shift beautifully to fulfill the individual needs of my body and spirit.

She is constantly learning more about physical health and well being. She has a gentle touch and is completely focused on you during your training session. Whether working with her or using an individual program she has tailored for a trip, a cruise, a new interest, she adds to my health.

I recommend her highly. Making a regular appointment with her keeps me on track with physical health, food and mental well being.

She is filled with joy and wisdom!

Geri Herbert, Ketchum, Idaho
Nancy Lemaster
On Sep 25, 2012
Connie lives fitness. She is profoundly interested in all
aspects of physical, mental and spiritual health. She carries
clients to their best performance. She is just the best.

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