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I have been in fitness for over 20 years, and my passion is helping you achieve your goals and a healthy lifestyle. My mission is to educate, motivate, and empower you to reach your fitness goals one step at a time. As an added bonus, I will make sure you have a little fun along the way! My spec... more less
Bachelor's Degree Business Management, SUNY Binghamton
Master's Degree Higher Education Administration, Boston College
Years Experience
16-20 years
ACE - ACE Health Coach
ACE - Personal Trainer
AFAA - Group Exercise Certification
Agency Unavailable
AFAA - Kickboxing Certification
Agency Unavailable
American Red Cross
American Red Cross

Christine's Locations

Start Moving Fitness LLC - Owner/Manager
Private in-home training in Solon and surrounding communities, Solon, OH 44139
Solon Recreation Center - Trainer/Instructor
Portz Parkway, Solon, OH 44139

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$60.00 / hr
See Start Moving Fitness website for package rates. Some discounts apply.
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Cash, Personal Checks
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Start Moving Fitness, LLC
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Client Reviews/Comments

16 reviews
Rebecca F.
On Feb 28, 2015
I have been fortunate to have Christine as my personal trainer for several months. After an initial assessment of my health condition, she created a program of weight training and cardio that has steadily increased my strength and endurance and has allowed me to tone up and shed a few lbs in the process. She varies the workouts; educating me along the way about form, muscle groups, and equipment options. That education has allowed me to supplement our twice weekly in-home sessions with my own workouts. She leads by example, as the picture of health, and motivates me to continually improve. Christine has the perfect blend of professionalism, sincerity and cheerfulness!
Henry Bernstein
On Dec 09, 2014
I have known Christine now for a few years and consider my workout regime as fairly serious. I tend to be a bit critical about trainers/instructors since I believe they need to "walk the walk" so to speak and pardon the cliché. She is the epdumy of a a quality trainer who understands the harmony of cardio, endurance and strength training. More importantly, she embraces weight resistance training that will have one of the most impacts in anyone's transformation. Although she is very serious and professional about her training, she knows how to make it a fun and enjoyable at the same time. Her own fitness level is very motivating which I believe is a major factor in keeping one inspired to reach their own goals. Thank you Christine for your help and inspiration over the years, for a great website and for your wonderful laughter.
On Nov 09, 2014
It has been almost a year since I started working out with Christine as my personal trainer. She has not only begun to transform my body but also my eating habits, my attitude on exercising, and changed my tainted view on instant gratification. I had gained 35lbs. in just over a year and a half and I was overwhelmed and desperate to get back to my old self. I started off with a 12 session package and figured I would be good on my own from then on. Much to my surprise, not only was I just beginning to make some real progress but I would look forward to every visit. Christine has an incredible way of making each session exciting and motivating. She can push me to work harder than I ever thought I could and makes it fun at the same time! I am learning so many different ways of working out that I had always been too intimated to try in a group setting. I feel very lucky to have found Christine as my trainer and a new friend. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Patti Cummins
On May 29, 2014
I started working with Christine in March to "shape up". I have rheumatoid arthritis which makes working out difficult at times.
Christine assessed my range of motion and developed a plan to fit my limitations. She offered suggestions for every aspect of my fitness plan, including diet changes as well as exercise. She encourages and motivates in a very positive way, always pointing out my accomplishments. Her knowledge and passion for fitness is apparent in every session.
I chose to work with Christine at my home. She brought the equipment I needed and was always on time and ready to go.
I would highly recommend Christine to anyone looking for a personal trainer.
Renee Heller
On Apr 07, 2014
I have been working with Christine for over one year and I would absolutely recommend her as a personal trainer. Christine tailored a highly effective fitness program to meet my individual needs. I definitely met my goals. She also various your workouts to you will never get bored. Christine is also very professional and knowledgeable in he field. If you are looking for an excellent trainer to help you get into shape, I high recommend Christine to anyone at any age!

Renee Heller
Marleina Davis
On Jan 18, 2014
I've been training with Christine for almost a year and I take her classes twice a week. She is AMAZING. She's changed my life. I had worked out on and off for years, with my weight and fitness level fluctuating like crazy. For the past year, she's helped me stick to a routine and find ways to adjust my life around my fitness goals instead of always making excuses. She's much more than a trainer, she really is coaching me to a better lifestyle. As far as the actual workouts, they are always challenging but fun. I truly look forward to them. I highly recommend Christine to anyone. She's the best!
Ann Kooken
On Jan 05, 2014
I have been working out with Christine for almost 2 years. She is amazing! She encourages me and inspires me. She adjusts my workouts to meet my goals but also guides me to strengthen areas I may be not aware of. I am not someone who enjoys exercise, but Christine has been able to keep me motivated. She varies my sessions to keep it interesting and she is always positive. I have seen great changes in my strength, tone and energy. Christine is also very health conscious and makes great recommendations on how to improve my diet and overall eating habits. I would highly recommend her!
val nerone
On Oct 27, 2013
I have taking Christine's class for over a year and I'm hooked. Christine is focused on results for all who attend her classes. She takes into consideration each person's goals and starting fitness level. In the class Christine incorporates awesome time tested moves as well as the newest exercises to keep us challenged and having fun. Her workouts push us to become a better version of ourselves.

I'm a 37 year old mom of three and Christine's class has helped me to exceed my fitness goals. I've been a runner for 18 years with humdrum race times. This year I was able to shave 10 minutes off my half marathon time for a very satisfying PR. Thanks Christine.
Emily V
On Jun 02, 2013
I've been working with Christine as my personal trainer and taken a few classes for almost a year. I really enjoy working with her as evidenced by the fact that I keep signing up for more sessions. :) She makes the workouts different all of the time and fun. She tailors workouts that work for me and make me comfortable and confident. She is encouraging and understanding of my goals and limitations.
Bruce Newburger
On Sep 02, 2012
I have participated in Christine's group exercise classes at least once a week for about 3 years. No two classes are ever the same! She creatively combines rigorous exercises and lively music for a fun workout. She pays attention to anyone's special needs and offers alternative moves to prevent injury. Christine is great at motivating the class through a tough routine...the harder it is, the more she smiles through it!
Alla Shifris
On Sep 02, 2012
Christine has been my personal trainer for the past two years. I have lost weight and gained passion for fitness. Christine is a great motivator and knows when and how much to push me. She always makes sure that I have a correct form and watches over me to prevent injuries. She is always up to date with the latest fitness trends and implements them into our workouts. I am very fortunate to have Christine as my personal trainer and would recommend her to others.
Eileen Fye
On Aug 29, 2012
Christine is AMAZING! She is one of the best teachers I've ever had in any city. She is the right balance of motivating, inspiring, challenging, supportive, and fun. I LOVE her kickboxing classes and work hard to get to as many as I can even with a crazy work and life schedule. I get a GREAT workout and have a great time! I have been able to take some other cross training classes with her and have LOVED every one of them too. Her form is impeccable, and she knows how to keep us safe and healthy along with strong and fit. I wish I could give her twice the stars here!
Shereen Streem
On Aug 29, 2012
I have been taking Cardio/Weight Interval classes from Christine for three and a half years. She is extremely motivating and inspires you to go far beyond what you think is possible! As a runner, I love taking Christine’s classes, because she mixes up my workouts, and changes the format of her class each time so it’s impossible to get bored. Furthermore, I feel that she has made me a better runner. I feel that Christine’s workouts have made me stronger! She always “pushes” me, and makes me feel like I have accomplished something. I love taking classes from Christine, and I feel fortunate to have her as an instructor!
Shereen Streem
On Aug 29, 2012
I have been taking Cardio/Weight Interval classes from Christine for 3 and a half years. She is extremely motivating and inspires you to go far beyond what you think is possible. As a runner, I love taking Christine's classes, because she mixes up my workouts, and changes the format of her class each time so it's impossible to get bored. Furthermore, I feel that she has made me a better runner! I think that Christine's workouts have made me stronger. She always "pushes" me, and makes me feel like I have accomplished something. I love taking classes from Christine, and I feel very fortunate to have her as an instructor!
Peggy Breetz
On Aug 29, 2012
Christine is my favorite fitness class instructor! Why else would I get up at 515 to attend her 545 am classes? She always mixes it up, works all the muscle groups. Favorite class is cardio interval as I get both cardio and strength training in one class. She keeps the moves simple without a lot of choreography as I don't like a lot of those kind of moves. She pushes up to the limit and I can feel the burn. Although I've not utilized her as a personal trainer, I see her with clients at the gym. She knows her stuff and works well with her clients. I would highly recommend Christine to anyone looking to make a change in their fitness. Peggy Breetz
Sheryl Chaitoff
On Aug 29, 2012
I have been taking classes for years from Christine and have to say I have seen great results. She is very motivating and always challenges you to go above and beyond. She is in tune with my fitness goals and understands my limits. I run and have found that her boot camp and interval weight classes have been a great balance to my workout routine. They have been helpful in keeping me strong and preventing injuries. She truly is a professional and keeps up with the latest fitness trends and brings them to all her clients. I really enjoy working out with her!

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