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Thoughts on becoming a health and wellness coordinator or coach? And how to become one?

5 Answers | Asked by Judy Kwan on Jan 14, 2017

Answered by Christine Hales on Jan 14, 2017

Hi Judy, I have the ACE Health Coach certification and can tell you it has been very helpful for me as a personal trainer/fitness instructor. While I would not rely on it solely to get a job as a health coach, it has added value to my training by helping me understand client behaviors and stages...

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I am assisting a fitness trainer to run her diary on a daily basis.

5 Answers | Asked by Krisha Cabrera on Jan 12, 2017

Answered by Christine Hales on Jan 12, 2017

Hi Krisha Would you please clarify your question? I'm not exactly sure what you mean by helping her to "run her diary"....

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What's a best package pricing structure for training youth?. Any ideal will work. Thanks in advance

5 Answers | Asked by Delmar Carey on Jan 05, 2017

Answered by Christine Hales on Jan 07, 2017

Hi Delmar, I personally do not train youth, so I will say that up front. :) But, if this is individual personal training, why would you charge any different based on age? You would still need to assess the youth and movement of his body, see if he has any prior injuries, surgeries, or orthoped...

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personal training liability waiver

4 Answers | Asked by Marie Ramagli on Jan 04, 2017

Answered by Christine Hales on Jan 06, 2017

Hi Marie, Here is the template from IDEA under Professional Forms: You should have any template reviewed and individualized (for your needs) by an attorney. Best, Christine

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What do you do for yourself or clients to overcome self-sabotage...going back to old, familiar patterns?

6 Answers | Asked by Mike Bundrant on Jan 02, 2017

Answered by Christine Hales on Jan 06, 2017

Hi Mike, You are correct that each person needs to find what works for themselves, but there are things that you can do to help. I would start by tracking the things and events that trigger the old habits. That way, you can work to either avoid the triggers or find ways to replace the old behav...

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How many AFAA CEUs would be offered for taking the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certfication?

4 Answers | Asked by Stacie Albi on Jan 05, 2017

Answered by Christine Hales on Jan 05, 2017

Hi Stacie, You may want to contact AFAA directly about this. I didn't see an AFAA cert on your profile, so I'm not sure which one you have, but AFAA has been rather tough in the past with regard to outside credits (in my own experience). However, things are changing there. You should call them...

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learning videos

2 Answers | Asked by Jodi Vinch on Jan 03, 2017

Answered by Christine Hales on Jan 03, 2017

Hi Jodi, Are you referring to IDEAFit TV? This is a library of videos, and you can purchase a monthly subscription. It includes videos for learning and continuing education credits. It's a wonderful resource. I hope this helps to answer your question. Best, Christine

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what arm exercises can I do with arthritis in thumb joints

11 Answers | Asked by Celia Semolich on Dec 29, 2016

Answered by Christine Hales on Jan 01, 2017

Hi Celia, You may be able to use a light resistance band with handles (they come in several different strengths), and just not wrap your thumb around it for certain exercises. (as long as you can safely grip it with your other fingers). Also, there are some exercises you may be able to do with l...

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Hey there fellow instructors! Could you please share some of your favorite music? Say for high intensity Bootcamp/HIIT class.

9 Answers | Asked by Jenna Hernandez on Dec 30, 2016

Answered by Christine Hales on Jan 01, 2017

I also agree with using Just placed an order yesterday, and they have 20% off your entire order until midnight tonight!

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What is the hardest part about your first meeting with a client?

4 Answers | Asked by Jenna Hussey on Dec 27, 2016

Answered by Christine Hales on Dec 31, 2016

Hi Jenna, I also agree with Karin that the first meeting with a client sets the foundation. I usually tell my clients during the first meeting that it is usually the hardest session---not because of the workout, but because they are getting to know me and I am getting to know them. That initial...

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