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Christine Hales

Solon, OH 44139

Questions Answered by Christine

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Why are most of the attendees in many workout classes (Yoga, Zumba, etc.) often female?

6 Answers | Asked by Fabian Ganji on Dec 03, 2016

Answered by Christine Hales on Dec 05, 2016

Hi Fabian, I also agree with Karin about many classes being geared toward women and some (not all) are choreographed, which may make men feel uncomfortable. I've personally seen more men in spinning type classes or those that are traditional bootcamp classes. I've also noticed a few more men att...

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cardiovascular disease (CVD)

3 Answers | Asked by Haider ALGhafilee on Dec 04, 2016

Answered by Christine Hales on Dec 04, 2016

Sounds like you are studying for a test... Good luck, and answering all of these questions on your own is excellent review for you.

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How to address over exercising?

6 Answers | Asked by Amelia Baures on Nov 29, 2016

Answered by Christine Hales on Nov 29, 2016

Hi Ameilia, It was good that you brought your concerns to her attention and discussed them with her. My question for you would be does your client show any signs of overtraining such as fatigue, elevated resting heart-rate, depression, consistently sore muscles, irritability or have repeated inju...

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What do you feel would be the most helpful in preparing you to instruct a group exercise class?

6 Answers | Asked by Becky Ingebrigtsen on Nov 22, 2016

Answered by Christine Hales on Nov 22, 2016

Hi Becky, Sounds like a great course! The practical side of instruction is very much needed (makes the book component seem easy!). I've been teaching over 25 years, and looking back I did have a practical portion of my testing for group fitness. A few things that come to mind are the following:...

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Best Group Fitness Manager Practices and instructor standards?

2 Answers | Asked by Alli Renshaw on Nov 22, 2016

Answered by Christine Hales on Nov 22, 2016

Hi Alli, I am assuming you would be referring to a certified group instructor. Certified Group Fitness Instructors are usually issued a card or certificate that indicates their certification expiration date as well as what particular specialty it is. Each certifying agency is different, but the...

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does NASM provides online Nutritional certification courses?

6 Answers | Asked by priyanka saddalgi on Nov 18, 2016

Answered by Christine Hales on Nov 18, 2016

Hi Priyanka, You would need to contact NASM directly for their certifications. Here is a link I found for their nutrition cert (not dietician): Best, Christine

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Do I need liability insurance if I only teach one class?

8 Answers | Asked by Amanda Stout on Nov 07, 2016

Answered by Christine Hales on Nov 07, 2016

Hi Amanda, I would not teach a class that where I was not covered by liability insurance--either through an employer or purchased myself. You may want to take this time to think of it as an opportunity for independent contracting work. If the class goes well, you may asked to do this again by th...

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Want to add members to my newsletter and cannot find the link on your website for the newsletter“please help!

1 Answer | Asked by Stacy Wig on Nov 07, 2016

Answered by Christine Hales on Nov 07, 2016

Hi Stacy, If you go to your account/profile page, you should see on the left hand side of that page quick links to both Clients and Leads and Manage Client Newsletter. You will need to go to Clients and Leads first to add your members as your current clients. Then, you can click on the Manage C...

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I need to renewe my personal training and group instructor ?

4 Answers | Asked by Kristina Pottroff on Nov 03, 2016

Answered by Christine Hales on Nov 03, 2016

Hi Kristina, You need to contact your certifying agency directly--in this case ACE. Or, (888) 825-3636. Best, Christine

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Getting New Clients in gym with no outside foot traffic

6 Answers | Asked by Dani Miro Quesada on Nov 02, 2016

Answered by Christine Hales on Nov 02, 2016

Hi Dani, Your current clients are your best form of marketing because word-of mouth and referrals will get you new clients. In addition to your current efforts, give 110% to each client and go above and beyond their expectations. It takes time to build a following. You have a great specia...

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