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Christine Hales

Solon, OH 44139-6102

Questions Answered by Christine

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I need a copy of the breakdown of what my insurance covers?

2 Answers | Asked by heather ferri on Apr 12, 2017

Answered by Christine Hales on Apr 12, 2017

Hi Heather, You will need to contact your insurance agency directly for a copy/breakdown of your benefits.

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How do I cancel my IDEAFit TV subscription?

2 Answers | Asked by Virginia Murphy on Apr 09, 2017

Answered by Christine Hales on Apr 10, 2017

Hi Virginia, Give them a call and speak to an IDEA representative. Best, Christine

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Has anyone taken the ACE Health coach exam? Is it necessary to memorize all the calculations?

2 Answers | Asked by Dianne Della Ratta on Apr 02, 2017

Answered by Christine Hales on Apr 02, 2017

Hi Dianne, I took the ACE Health Coach exam about 4 years ago, so I'm not sure how much it has changed, but I only had a few questions that had calculations (I don't believe I memorized those lengthy calculations, but I would know the more basic ones). I do remember that exam being very much a...

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how to recovery fully after having a surgery on the knee

3 Answers | Asked by Ronald Marsh on Apr 01, 2017

Answered by Christine Hales on Apr 01, 2017

Hi Ronald, The first thing I would ask is whether or not your client is medically cleared to begin an exercise program (what kind of surgery?). Plus, has any physical therapy been completed. (if so , I would connect with the PT as well for any special considerations). Then you can begin a slo...

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The best/most respected specialization certifications

4 Answers | Asked by Robert Habib on Mar 28, 2017

Answered by Christine Hales on Mar 31, 2017

Hi Robert, The others have given you some good suggestions already (sounds like the special populations one is more for the medical certs--but you would also benefit from a corrective exercise or orthopedic cert). One thing to keep in mind is that these are just certifications, and given that fa...

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i just received a confirmation of an order i didnt place ??? #1605041??

2 Answers | Asked by Michelle Atkinson on Mar 31, 2017

Answered by Christine Hales on Mar 31, 2017

Hi Michelle, You can e-mail them now to report it right away (even though they are not open), and then follow up by calling IDEA on Monday when the offices are open. This happened to me a few weeks ago when I registered for the Vegas conference. The system somehow double booked my conference f...

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how do i change an image on the social media poster feature?

3 Answers | Asked by Yoga Journal Member on Mar 29, 2017

Answered by Christine Hales on Mar 29, 2017

Try calling IDEA directly for an exact answer... I had the social media feature for a short period of time, and I don't remember being able to change the images--just the text.

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What clients complain to you the most about losing weight?

3 Answers | Asked by Denise Lee on Jan 14, 2017

Answered by Christine Hales on Mar 28, 2017

Hi Denise, This would be more a challenge versus a complaint! My clients are mostly females, and the majority of them are in their 40s and 50s. The most difficult thing they convey to me about losing weight at this age has a lot to do with changing hormones and how difficult it is to lose weigh...

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how can l check to see if recent CEC's were sent to ACE for recertification

2 Answers | Asked by Lynda Bradley on Mar 26, 2017

Answered by Christine Hales on Mar 26, 2017

Hi Lynda, Was your course online--and did you check your ACE account under managing CECs? See if it has shown up there.

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Nordic walking instructor training

2 Answers | Asked by Maryanne Finkelstein on Mar 25, 2017

Answered by Christine Hales on Mar 25, 2017

Hi Maryanne, I do not know the answer to your question, but think you are an inspiration! :) Keep on inspiring! Christine

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