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14 Answers | Asked by Rachel Koester on Jun 08, 2012

Answered by Christina Montell on Jan 02, 2014

I always like to ask my clients how their clothes are fitting if they aren't seeing any movement on the scale. Like the others have said, the important thing is the inches lost, not the number on the scale. If his clothes are getting loose, then its a win for your client! Keep up the good work.

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How fast can you get your certification?

8 Answers | Asked by Thomas Kocz on Dec 19, 2013

Answered by Christina Montell on Dec 19, 2013

I agree with Karin as well. Many gyms will look at who you are certified through and she has listed the top certifications they look for. I took the ACE exam just a few years back - it was tough but not impossible. I had a full time job at the time and dating my now husband and it took some time....

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I've been working in some Tabata routines with some upper level clients lately, anyone else using this technique with clients ?

5 Answers | Asked by Jeff Jackson on Nov 30, 2013

Answered by Christina Montell on Dec 04, 2013

Agree with the others, I teach a group circuit training class 2X a week and I'll throw in tabatas once in a while to mix it up. They groan and complain but in the end love it. And because it is based on each person's level of experience it is easy to modify. I started slow with it as well - 4 roun...

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Insanity vs P90x

9 Answers | Asked by Jason Davis on Sep 03, 2012

Answered by Christina Montell on Apr 29, 2013

P90X is a weight training program - uses dumbbells and/or resistance bands. The videos are intense and there are 3 days of weight training, 2 days of cardio and 1 yoga workout per week. Insanity is really a lot more of a cardio workout although with the plyometric moves and body weight exercises...

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Best way for women to burn fat?

22 Answers | Asked by Wendy Stewart on Aug 20, 2011

Answered by Christina Montell on Apr 21, 2013

I cringe when I read/hear that TRAINERS still believe that cardio only is the way to go to lose weight. If a client was to do cardio only, the will also lose a lot of muscle and we all know that muscle burns more calories so the more muscle the more calories burned. I'm teaching my female clients ...

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8 Answers | Asked by Abdul El-Sayed on Jun 11, 2012

Answered by Christina Montell on Apr 20, 2013

First, awesome job so far!! You have made great headway and you should be proud!! I would consider Miroslava's response. I think you may be eating too little which will slow our metabolism down and make it more difficult to lose weight. My recommendation is to figure out our Total Daily Energy...

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what is the best ratio of fat, protein and carbs for healthy weight loss?

11 Answers | Asked by Carrie Lyons/Murphy on Apr 20, 2013

Answered by Christina Montell on Apr 20, 2013

I would recommend 40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat Many of my clients (and myself included) find that with a bit more protein and fat we tend to feel fuller longer. Plus, as clients lose weight they want to retain as much muscle as possible, which a higher protein intake can assist with.

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For Group Ex Instructors or Coordinators: How do you teach new instructors to cue on the 32 count?

8 Answers | Asked by Anne Garrett on Jun 14, 2012

Answered by Christina Montell on Apr 02, 2013

When I first started teaching I had a hard time getting the 32 counts down. I practiced over and over again with a seasoned instructor but the one thing that really helped was listening to CDs over and over again in my car. I would pop in a CD that was created specifically for group fitness classe...

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What do I do with a client who refuses to conform to healthy eating?

25 Answers | Asked by Daniel Omokha on Nov 06, 2011

Answered by Christina Montell on Mar 27, 2013

The client is making an effort with working out with you so I think that should be commended first and foremost. I also believe that if we tell clients to "eliminate" certain foods from their diets then that is the food they will want to eat. We need to remember this is a lifestyle change. So thi...

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Best exercise to lose weight?

19 Answers | Asked by Ryan Rogers on Oct 01, 2012

Answered by Christina Montell on Mar 27, 2013

I agree with some of the others - definitely the one you find fun and will continue to do. I also believe that strength training is a must. As we age we naturally lose muscle - need to retain and build as much as we can to keep the metabolism running high. I love kickboxing and also enjoy spinnin...

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