Chris Lutz

Herndon, VA 20171
Club or Studio Owner Personal Trainer

Chris's Videos

by Chris Lutz
A demonstration of the HIT advanced technique negative accentuated. Demonstrated on a Nautilus chest press. It is a good technique to use if training by yourself. You lift on the positive with both limbs and carefully make a transition to 100% of the load on one limb to perform a slow negative. Alternate limbs each rep.
by Chris Lutz
A demonstration of the HIT advanced technique post fatigue negatives. Using the Nautilus chest press, you'll perform a set to positive fatigue. The trainer or partner will then assist into the fully extended position and the trainee can slowly fight the resistance on the negative. Usually a range of 3-5 negatives are enough to add sufficient intensity to a normal set to fatigue.
by Chris Lutz
A demonstration of probably our best technique in high intensity training (HIT) using the Nautilus Multi-Exercise for chin ups. We use this as an advanced technique and it is very thorough and productive. It can produce overtraining if done too frequently or for too long. I did drop out of the top a little too quickly. The goal should be to hold in position at the top making the transfer from feet to your hands, lower slowly over about 10 sec. When you can no longer control it in a couple seconds coming down, consider that muscular fatigue.