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one of my clients has bulgings arms ,she wants me to help her make those thin, can you suggest me some workouts for that

7 Answers | Asked by Soumendra Pattanaik on Jan 07, 2018

Answered by chris fields on Jan 08, 2018

Sounds like your client has an increased amount of fat cells in her arms which is genetically inclined as the other two stated. Increasing your clients overall daily energy expenditure can help shrink those fat cells in her arms. Also like the others stated diet is also a major factor. Increased ene...

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Looking for Youth food guidelines

2 Answers | Asked by Karen WILHOUR on Jan 02, 2018

Answered by chris fields on Jan 05, 2018

Go to and that site will provide you the latest in nutritional advice and guidelines for youth and depending on the age, some youth will follow adult guidelines. 14 is the age if I’m not mistaken

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How do you design a 45 minutes balance class for all levels at a 55 community?

4 Answers | Asked by Michelle Wycheck on Dec 26, 2017

Answered by chris fields on Dec 27, 2017

You can incorporate chairs for the attendees in poor fitness condition and they can do variations of the exercises you choose. Use resistance equip such as free weights or resistance bands and incorporate exercises that include alternating sides to help improve muscular balance.

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