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As a Fitness Trainer, I strive to teach, motivate, and guide you to a healthier YOU! I understand first-hand the struggles and frustrations of losing weight and staying healthy. I found success the natural way- hard work and dedication- without any special potions or pills. Let me lead you on this q... more less
Bachelor's Degree Communication: Radio/TV/Film, Rowan University
Years Experience
7-8 years
Pilates Academy International - All Populations Mat
Pending Verification
Pilates Academy International - Anatomy Biomechanics and Posture Review
Pending Verification
Pilates Academy International - Mat Progressions Challenge
Pending Verification
Beachbody - P90X Certification
Expired 10/28/2014
W.I.T.S. - Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
Expired 11/30/2014
Amerian Heart Association
Amerian Heart Association

Cheryl's Locations

Retro Fitness of Kingston - Trainer/Instructor
4437 Route 27, Princeton, NJ 08852
www.retrofitness.net | 609-683-8960
Within 10 miles of 08520 (Mobile Training Radius)
Within 10 miles of 07726 (Mobile Training Radius)

Additional Information

Dependant upon travel time, session duration, and # participants. Feel free to contact me for more details.
Payment Methods
Cash, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Pilates Mat Specialist
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Client Reviews/Comments

4 reviews
Anonymous Anonymous
On Dec 18, 2012
I began training with Cheryl when I was 2 months pregnant. We had one session of strength training and one session of Pilates each week until my 38th week of pregnancy (8.5 months).

I really enjoyed working with her. She did a really good job adapting the exercises to my growing belly and my decreasing stamina. Thanks to her I was able to stay fit until the end of my pregnancy and not suffer the usual aches of the pregnancy. She paid special attention to my back and my posture and she made me perform exercises to train the muscles used during labor and delivery.

Besides being a great coach, Cheryl is also a very nice and interesting person. I didn't have the feeling of being a client but of being a friend.
John DeVincenzo
On Jun 17, 2012
I train with Cheryl at Retro Fitness at Kingston. I admit I was a tough old dog set in his ways. Cheryl has been motivating and pushes me to limits I would never have done on my own. She gets to know you and your habits. Cheryl has gone above and beyond with me. My eating habits were poor to say the least. Cheryl is as knowledgeable in nutrition as she is with the body. She has set up a work out for me to do on my own. She set me up with the on line nutrition center. I wear an armband and log my food on the site. The site tells me how I am doing in all areas. Am I eating enough protein for example. How many calories did I burn any given hour of the day. Cheryl can check this site anytime she wants to "keep an eye" on me. I cannot say enough good things about Cheryl. From someone who never went to the gym, Cheryl has made the gym a friendly place. I can't imagine training with anyone else. I highly recommend Cheryl to everyone. John DeVincenzo, Kingston, NJ
John Sullivan
On Jun 07, 2012
I started training with Cheryl a few years ago. As a personal trainer who has helped me through medical disabilities including paralysis through a stroke and a partial foot amputation I have been able to regain almost 90% of my mobility. To boot, I have also lost 20 pounds, found myself going to the gym more often, I am stronger than I was in my late 20's, and I have a better outlook in general. Cheryl will motivate you to accomplish, no, exceed your goals. I highly, highly recommend her to be your trainer.
T Mohan
On Jun 07, 2012
I think cheryl is fantastic. I train with her at retro fitness and she has taken me from a largely immobile person to a person who is active and regularly at the gym helping myself to get fitter and tone up. She has patiently worked through my mobility restrictions related to arthritis and obesity. She is always encouraging, and praise from her is directed to getting you in the frame of mind to really work for yourself. Her guidance on what and when to eat has been helpful and her willingness to check food logs and suggest modifications that might improve nutrition and maintain desired weight loss goes above and beyond what I pay her.she has cheerfully helped design workouts I can do when I am traveling and even given me high fiber Locarb muffins to keep me motivated to stick to my eating plan.
As you can tell I am a huge fan. I have lost 14 lb and more than 3 inches off waist and hips in last 8 weeks.

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