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Celia Fellows

Naples, FL 34109

Questions Answered by Celia

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How long does your PT course take and what does it require

11 Answers | Asked by mary hartzog on Mar 03, 2012

Answered by Celia Fellows on Mar 06, 2012

Mary, Good Morning. NESTA is the direction I went with my training. I chose NESTA because of the Adventure Bootcamp Business (ABC) opportunity along with the other programs and business opportunities once you pass the exam. It took about 2 months to learn the material to be ready to take the exam...

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What is the best way to explain to a client how to contract the abdomen muscle?

5 Answers | Asked by Celia Fellows on Mar 04, 2012

Answered by Celia Fellows on Mar 04, 2012

Two great answers. Thank You. I will use both!

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Group Fitness Instructor or Group Fitness Imposter?

19 Answers | Asked by Serena Pharr on Mar 02, 2012

Answered by Celia Fellows on Mar 04, 2012

Not sure I have anything new to offer here, but wanted to chime in here. The situation descibed brings me to some assumptions about the situation that may or may not be true, so leaving that aside, I teach a bootcamp and some days I have 20 ladies and others I have 2. So my class changes from a gr...

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