Cathy Secord

Easley, SC 29642-8632

At age 37 I was unable to work because of extreme weakness and chronic pain caused from Fibromyalgia. My children were young and needed their Mother to be there for them. As a last resort, I slowly began to exercise, working through the pain and discomfort. I gradually built up my strength over several months of being consistent and dedicated. I was so determined to have a better life for me and for my family. Over time, the pain began to subside, thus motivating me to continue on. I knew that I would never return to where I had come from. At my heaviest, I weighed 250 lbs and 40% body fat. As I realized more and more benefits from the consistent workouts, I became more interested in nutrition, learning how to fuel my body. I lost the weight. Down to 147 lbs and 18% body fat. I have maintained a fitness lifestyle for over 20 years, I am now pain free, and have an awesome quality of life! My personal experience fuels my passion to help others achieve their goals and overcome obstacles in their life, from extreme stress to obesity. I also enjoy working with those who want to tone, build muscle, improve coordination and balance. If you are looking for motivation, accountability, and for a Personal Trainer who has experienced obesity and is truly passionate, contact me. We will work together as a team to accomplish long lasting results. You do not even have to leave the comfort and privacy of your home. I will come to you. No membership fees, and very reasonable rates.

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  • AS, Business, New Brunswick Community College

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ACE - Certified Health Coach
ACE - Certified Personal Trainer
ACE - Weight Management Specialist Program - 2.5 CECs
ACE - Weight Management Specialist

CPR Certified

American Red Cross
Expires: Feb 03, 2020

AED Certified

American Red Cross
Expires: Feb 03, 2020

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  • Hoffman Insurance Services, Inc.

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Itrainu -In home Personal Training

Within 25.00 miles of 29642-8632 (Mobile Training Radius)

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$0.00 / hr, rate is adjusted according to miles driven.

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Cash, Personal Checks

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  • American Council on Exercise - National Certification - Personal Trainer
  • American Council on Exercise - National Certification - Health Coach

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22 Reviews

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  • by Ann Miner on Apr 27, 2017

    Cathy has been working with me since June 2016. Her training has helped me to address weight, balance, and fitness issues, while accommodating my medical problems. We have also worked to increase strength I lost due to past injury. She has been patient and encouraging. She is also very honest, she makes no promises of instant or magical results. She is always re-adjusting my attention to details of eating properly to fuel my body and daily physical activity, and reminding me that results come with consistency. The sessions we have are private, in my home, focused on my needs, and reasonable in cost. She is kind and professional. I highly recommend her services as a trainer.

  • by cyndy blanton on Oct 28, 2016

    Not into the traditional gym scene? Have physical limitations? Want one on one sessions with a certified and seasoned trainer and certified health coach that COMES TO YOU?
    You will find your problems of the past, and excuses, fade away when in the truly capable hands of Cathy!

    Cathy works around, and with, physical limitations you may have. I have learned this first hand. I started working with Cathy at a very poor health level and suffering with chronic health conditions, she has made it work with success.
    No matter your wellness level, Cathy provides effective workouts and assists with meal planning tailored for what you need. She helps you "plan for success". These are her words, and I have found them to be very truthful while working with her towards my health goals!

    It was a big plus that I did not have to go into the traditional gym setting, and all the things and emotions that going to the gym can entail for many of us. She can make workouts happen with surprisingly little space needed at your home. This has been essential to my budding success. Having lost some weight and inches, and gaining notable coordination and balance benefits, I am so pleased!
    I have a way to go before reaching some goals, though now I know they are tangible and realistic goals that WILL happen.

    Cathy takes her "mission" very seriously, and does so with great care and planning. In addition to the workouts, she offers great education on food and meal planning. She provides all her tools for success to you, and they are priceless.
    Cathy lives and gives from a very genuine place, and she'll give you the edge on regaining your health. It is a beautiful and unique service she offers. For me, it was the "miracle" I needed just in time!
    I cannot give enough praise for the integrity in which she carries herself and in what she provides for her clients.

    I give her my highest recommendations! If you're ready to "plan to succeed", Cathy has you covered in her very capable hands!

  • by Hillary Turner on Aug 26, 2016

    Cathy is a wonderful trainer. My husband and I "interviewed" two other trainers before deciding to go with Cathy. I desperately needed someone that would tailor everything to me. I had lower back problems and had sprained my ankle a few months earlier and Cathy chose great exercises to do around those problems. I really needed someone to "babysit" my meal plans and my tracking and she did wonderfully with teaching me what to eat and providing accountability. I really felt she truly cared and wanted the best for me, so I wanted to make sure my meals where on point. She drove out to my apartment and worked in a small space with me - which I was very happy about. Something else I really enjoyed is the fact that she has been there herself. She understands what it is like to be overweight and unhealthy. She knows the struggles. You will see results with Cathy as your trainer - so long as you stick to what she is showing and instructing.

  • by Tharon Howard on May 12, 2016

    Cathy simply ROCKS. I've been working with her for several months now, and have found her to be the most sympathetic and adaptable trainer/health coach that my wife and I have ever encountered. She comes to our house and provides us with a customized fitness training program that not only takes into consideration what I need physically, but also what training equipment/facilities we have. She's also the first person we've ever had who really helped teach us both about what kinds of foods we can eat in order to truly achieve success. She keeps telling me that "it's 80% what you put in your mouth and 20% exercise" -- which must be true because it's working. But while I really appreciate Cathy's flexibility and dedication to educating us about ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle, what I really appreciate about Cathy is that she really cares about us as individuals.

  • by Carey Kennedy on Aug 21, 2015

    What more could you ask for? Have a totally committed trainer come to your home and and provide fitness training that is planned around your personal needs who also helps you finally figure out what you can put in your mouth that is healthy and ok for weight loss or maintenance. All of this in the comfort of your own home...Cathy really does care about your well being and success with your fitness goals and goes far beyond the call of duty.

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