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Ben brings over 10 years of progressive experience in training, coaching and business. He has developed a deep understanding about working with a diverse group of people, while spending a majority of his career in Coaching, Human Resources and Customer Service. He is a certified Personal Trainer thr... more less
BBA Business, UW-Milwaukee
Years Experience
11-15 years
ACE - Personal Trainer
American Red Cross
American Red Cross
Fitness and Wellness Insurance Agency (IDEA)

Ben's Locations

Your Edge to Success, LLC - Owner/Manager
Within 10 miles of 53202 (Mobile Training Radius)

Additional Information

$85.00 / hr
$85 per single session or 10 sessions for $700, other package rates also available
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks, Cashier's Check
Awards & Accomplishments
2:48 marathon, 16th place, 2011 Lakefront Marathon
4x800 State Champion
4 Time Conference Champion, Cross Country/Track & Field
Coached numerous state and conference champion teams and individuals
2:50 marathon, 16th place, 1996 Lakefront Marathon
Languages Spoken
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Client Reviews/Comments

12 reviews
Noah Rickun
On Mar 16, 2013
If you're a runner (or a wanna-be runner) you owe it to yourself to train with Ben. He will analyze your gait, help you find a more natural style, increase your mileage and speed exponentially, and make sure you don't get hurt along the way.
Nick Pabich
On Jan 15, 2013
I have been working with Ben since July now and it has paid off more then the four years with my highschools track coaches. Ben is willing to go above and beyond to help train those looking to improve themselves. He has improved my form andy overall fitness level to make me a higher level sprinter. It's because of working with him this year I believe I can run at a college level.
Jeff Bentoff
On Jun 19, 2012
Ben's an excellent trainer. The tough but enjoyable workout sessions are paying off -- I'm getting stronger and fitter. The emphasis on stretches has helped make my jogs longer and more fun (in part by nearly eliminating tightness). Ben's expertise on running technique was something I didn't expect, but it's been very useful: He's taught me the proper "natural running" form, which makes my runs easier on me. He's also trained me to do numerous strength and core exercises at home. Ben's highly knowledgeable and a natural coach and motivator. For all these reasons, I highly recommend Ben.
Simon McConico
On Apr 26, 2012
So... Ben... He is fantastic. If you are looking for someone to kick your butt and smile while doing it, he is your guy. You'll be sore afterwards, but hey, if you aint, then why do you have a trainer? Lots of fun and always keeps things a bit different so you don't get bored with the same things. If you need/want to get in shape, he is the one to get you there.
Heidi Nolan
On Apr 14, 2012
Ben is a great trainer. He is focused and still keeps things fun. I like that he really listened to my goals and has designed strength training and speed workouts to help me run stronger, farther and faster as I train for the marathon. Would definitely recommend him as a trainer!
Jodi Marquardt
On Mar 18, 2012
Ben is very motivating. You can hear him, at least I can, saying 'be the most quiet runner here'. He is helping me with my personal training and preparing my runs with my new Newton shoes. I even registered for my first 1/4 marathon! And he is funny so it makes training fun!
Sally Duffy
On Oct 04, 2011
Ben is great! He is a great motivator and really does a good job of changing up the workout so it always different, challenging and fun. I was nervous about it being too difficult, but Ben is very good about considering my limitations from arthritis, etc. while still making it a really good workout.
Paul Tilleman
On Oct 04, 2011
I've been working out under Ben's guidance for a few months now and am very happy with him and the results. He pushes me well beyond what I would do on my own but not so far that I don't want to go back -- just what I need to make progress toward my fitness goals. I'm one of Ben's older clients (59) and he does a great job of adapting the workout to accommodate my arthritic wrist and worn knee joints. Highly recommended.
On Sep 15, 2011
Ben has done a terrific job as my personal trainer building stamina, sculpting, toning and adding strength and agility. We workout twice a week and we've achieved significant results from his highly efficient and focused sessions. He makes it fun and I've never been in such good shape. Highly recommended.
Megan Klemundt
On Mar 06, 2011
Ben coached me for four years in high school track. His training programs are effective and allowed athletes of all fitness levels to improve on the team. He is a good motivator and very encouraging. I am still running ten years later.

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