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Brian Rozzi

New Castle, PA 16101

Questions Answered by Brian

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How much protein does a 170 lb man need?

5 Answers | Asked by Martha Hutchinson on Apr 16, 2014

Answered by Brian Rozzi on Apr 18, 2014

Hi Martha, Medications can cause this problem. But being inactive can enhance this problem. The amount of protein stated by Nicole is adequate. But, as Harris said it will not do much good if he does not exercise. Many people his age are put on statin drugs for health issues. these can cause som...

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What are some exercises that will strengthen or repair and injury to the ACL?

3 Answers | Asked by Peter Bridges on Mar 23, 2014

Answered by Brian Rozzi on Mar 24, 2014

It is best to follow the P.T. prescribed exercises. As the client strength increases, modify the program correct. Have the doctor or P.T. view your modifications. Good Luck, Brian

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What would you create?

4 Answers | Asked by Ryan Jacobsen on Mar 17, 2014

Answered by Brian Rozzi on Mar 18, 2014

I wish the world was that simple. I think with imagination much can be done to assist people. But, you are liable for equipment that you manufacture. I think the others may have some good ideas but, please remember my words. Good Luck, Brian

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Do you think Personal Trainers should have their own Hall of Fame?

8 Answers | Asked by Ted Gambordella on Mar 17, 2014

Answered by Brian Rozzi on Mar 18, 2014

I think the others have said much with regards to your question. All are valid. But, in your question i see something positive. Much like the Global Peace Prize there is a strive to do the best you can for the work you do. Did the people do it to receive the Peace Prize? i doubt it. They did it beca...

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What are the best exercises for an overweight client who lifts her heels when she does a squat? Thx!

9 Answers | Asked by Michelle Guerrero on Mar 17, 2014

Answered by Brian Rozzi on Mar 18, 2014

This is not uncommon. In powerlifting competition a person is permitted to squat with a 1 inch board at their heels. Physiologically there can be a number of reasons this occurs as well as neurologically ( in reference to balance). You can evaluate the bio-mechanics of the squat or, just let her use...

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What's the best way to keep a high paying client for the long run? Even after you guys have had the success together.

6 Answers | Asked by Gabori Partee on Mar 11, 2014

Answered by Brian Rozzi on Mar 13, 2014

I have found success, continuing goal, and a good connection to be the best at keeping all clients. However, it can emotionally drain you at the end of the day. Good luck, Brian Rozzi

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what type of speakers to use for Dance Fitness??

2 Answers | Asked by Shalonda Harris on Mar 05, 2014

Answered by Brian Rozzi on Mar 10, 2014

Hi Shay, i see no one has answered your question so, i will try. I would think IDEA would be the best place to find the type of speakers you need. Other organazations that offer certificates for dance exercise may have to be viewed. As a speaker myself, i was reletively unkown. But , i knew what i w...

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Personal Training with a 14 year old?

6 Answers | Asked by Mike Lloyd on Mar 09, 2014

Answered by Brian Rozzi on Mar 10, 2014

I agree with Harris. This should be enough.

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What methods of payment are your most common?

9 Answers | Asked by Paul D Bradley on Mar 09, 2014

Answered by Brian Rozzi on Mar 10, 2014

For personal training, i would go with checks or, cash. Good luck, Brian

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I want to know if there are any grants that would help with a University gym floor?

1 Answer | Asked by ericka Christensen on Mar 06, 2014

Answered by Brian Rozzi on Mar 07, 2014

I do know there are many grants available but, you must search for them. It is also good to have a very skilled writer apply for such grant. Good luck, Brian Rozzi

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