Brent Hartman

Doylestown, PA 18902
Exercise Physiologist Personal Trainer

About Me

Hello, my name is Brent and I have been very involved in the fitness industry for over 7 years. My experiences have included general fitness, post cardiac event rehabilitation and sports performance at the collegiate level. I believe that exercise should be specific to a person's needs and goals a... more less
Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer
Bachelor's Degree Exercise Physiology, East Stroudsburg University
Master's Degree Exercise Science, East Stroudsburg University
Years Experience
7-8 years
ACE - Personal Trainer
NSCA - Certified Personal Trainer
NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
American Heart Association
American Heart Association
Philadelphia Indemnity Ins. Co.

Brent's Locations

B3 Personal Training - Owner/Manager
3687 Old Easton Road Unit B, Doylestown, PA 18902
Body By Brent LLC - Trainer/Instructor
Within 10 miles of 18902 (Mobile Training Radius)
Body By Brent LLC - Owner/Manager
Within 10 miles of 18964 (Mobile Training Radius)

Additional Information

$60.00 / hr
Mobile rates vary upon distance
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
Presenter at the 33rd Annual MARC-ACSM Conference
Languages Spoken
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Client Reviews/Comments

12 reviews
Tara M
On Oct 12, 2014
I first contacted Brent with a goal to complete a tough mudder. Training with him was one of the best decisions I made! I started out with little knowledge about fitness, what to do, how to maintain, etc.. Brent made sure he took the time to explain and show it all! I went from learning to squat to squatting my body weight. Not only did Brent always give a great workout, he taught me correct form for all exercises. He is a great motivator and I am proud to say he helped me reach my ultimate goal of completing the tough mudder. I was able to get through obstacles I never thought I would stand a chance in and used the strength I didn't realize I could have. He is an awesome trainer and great person! He Always tries to accommodate with scheduling and gives you 100% of what you pay for. I HIGHLY recommend him as a trainer!!
Sheri Huyter
On Aug 08, 2014
As a nurse and a baby boomer, fitness is paramount in the years to come. After many sedentary years, I knew I needed assistance. I am so glad I found Brent Hartman of Doylestown, PA. to assist me in my fitness goals, in which I am very thankful. We have been working together for over 8 months and the results are grand. I feel very fortunate to have him come to my home accommodating my schedule. He is very skillful and has customized a plan specific to my fitness needs. My work out routine is dynamic, diverse and fun. With his skill and my cooperation, I have lost 18 lbs.of body fat and I find that to be profound, again demonstrating his skill. The benefits of my exercise regimen are numerous. Most noticeable is my substantial increase in stamina, flexibility and strength. I discovered that I really enjoy jogging. Brent is working with me now to facilitate a smooth transition and I so appreciate his honesty regarding my fitness level and needs, demonstrating his resourcefulness in accommodating my fitness goals. I have also had the pleasure of meeting and working with Kate and I find her to be delightful. They are both very perceptive and ascertain my capabilities and adjust my fitness plan accordingly. I appreciate their attention to detail. I find Brent and Kate to be both engaging and kind. I look forward to our fitness journey over the course of time. I am grateful for his dedication to my well-being. Sincerely, Sheri Huyter RN BSN
On Mar 02, 2014
Brent is an outstanding personal trainer. He takes the time to develop a workout plan that fits your needs, and works individually with you to plan reasonable and achievable goals. In the 2 years I worked with Brent, I saw major improvement in my strength and overall health, and got me motivated to continue to stay in shape and go after new exercise goals. He also takes education and training seriously, and is constantly brining in new ideas to create a diverse range of workout plans. If we hadn't moved we'd still be there - if you are starting out (like I was) or looking to work with someone who can develop new and creative routines tailored to your individual goals, he's the man.
Beth Hall
On Oct 02, 2013
I highly recommend Body By Brent! I started working out with Brent in April 2012 and saw results almost immediately in inches lost and strength gained. He keeps the program interesting and challenging by changing it up regularly and adding weight or increasing repetitions over time. He is attentive to individual needs whether they pertain to areas you want to work on or areas that are restricted due to injury or strain. Brent is knowledgeable about nutrition as well as knowing how the body works.
Elaine Ciofani
On Jul 29, 2013
I started working with Brent because I had "fallen off the exercise wagon" for about 10 months and needed to get motivated again. Brent challenged me to keep doing more than I thought my body could and I'm very thankful that he did. After working with him for 3 months my body is stronger and leaner making my clothes fit so much better. Although I can't say that I love working out, the results I achieved with Brent's individualized program have kept me motivated to continue. You won't be disappointed with your Body By Brent! -- Elaine
Mike Vespa
On Nov 08, 2012
Brent is incredibly knowledgeable and incorporates variety into each workout; making sure he challenges you each workout and ensures you get results. He is very professional and passionate about his work and seeing his clients succeed. Whether you are trying to get into better shape or want to get stronger or faster and are considering a personal trainer, Brent will deliver the results you want.
george lekas
On Mar 24, 2012
Brent has been my trainer for the past 2 years, both in a gym and recently in the monday/wednesday/friday morning bootcamp in Doylestown. He does a great job of keeping the sessions fresh and exciting. I've lost weight, gained muscle and I feel alot better about my health. The morning bootcamp is a great way to get the day started. Thanks Brent!
Carla Johns
On Mar 22, 2012
I met Brent through the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce. I decided to try his boot camp because I need to work out in the morning. If I don’t do it first thing in the morning, I won’t do it! It was really fun! We work at different stations and the hour went by really fast. Don’t let the word “boot camp” scare you! It wasn’t too difficult, but I pushed myself and I worked at my own pace. He explained each station to me. It was a good workout and I am slowly getting into shape. If you are looking for a personal trainer, you should definitely check him out!
rachael sheets
On Mar 01, 2012
Brent is a brilliant trainer; he does not only assist me with weight loss, but also helps me tone and tighten my muscle groups, and shape my figure effectively through use of weights without bulking me up. He is just the motivation I need to get through my workout! He makes it achievable for me to get the results I desire by individualizing each of my workouts and leading me down the path to success. Brent makes sure that I know exactly how the exercise is to be performed so that I may reach the maximum benefit from each repetition. His upbeat personality coupled with his knowledge of fitness and dietary is significant and is far greater than anyone I have ever met before. It is a pleasure to work with someone who is courteous and respectful as well as challenging. My training sessions have quickly become something I look forward to; I derive a great sense of achievement from them. With Brent’s continuous support, you too will be able to push yourself closer to your goals.

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