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Beth began college originally intending to become a physical therapist, working and volunteering as a physical therapist technician right out of high school. Soon after moving to Tallahassee where she attended FSU, she began personal training and discovered her true passion. Working and going to sc... more less
BS Exercise Science, The Florida State University
Years Experience
11-15 years
ACE - ACE Health Coach
ACSM - ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist
NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
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American Heart Association
American Heart Association
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Training pricing varies according to number of sessions purchased, length and type.
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Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks, Cashier's Check
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My greatest accomplishment is having the opportunity to be a mom to my wonderful son-Matthew!
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55 reviews
Mazrolin WilfredrabWX
On Jul 11, 2014
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shaurya singh
On Jan 04, 2014
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Joanna Griffin
On Dec 13, 2012
For 13 years I have battled my weight. It was then that I was expecting my first child and with that pregnancy I gained a whopping 90 pounds. Had the baby and the weight stayed with me all these years. Yes I would lose some, at times, 30 pounds or more but I never put the two most important weight loss tools together; diet + exercise. I always knew that was what you had to do but I hated to exercise so much that I always looked for the "easy" way out. After just having my 3rd son in June of 2012 I decided that now was the time to focus on ME! I contacted Beth and in August began working with her one on one, following the meal plan she developed for me, started attending boot camps (which I LOVE) and now thankfully since having the baby in June I am down 61.6 pounds!!!! I still have a long way to go but I know that Beth will help me. She doesn't just tell you what to do, she encourages you, believes in you, pushes you. Beth has helped me change my life, my outlook on exercise and healthy eating. She is now not only my personal trainer but my friend. I love my Bethy! I know now that I can do it, my goals ARE obtainable and I'm so looking forward to 2013 and beginning my 90 day challenge!- Joanna Griffin, Jennings, FL.
Robin Hall
On Sep 19, 2012
After losing 50 lbs, I needed help with strengthening and finding a healthier "me"! Beth fit the bill perfectly. She provided the knowledge and motivation I needed to begin building a stronger core and to put into action the exercises I needed to achieve my goals. She is a tough task master, but always kind and encouraging.

I would recommend her services to anyone seeking that little "push" they need to get their fitness ball rolling!

Thanks, Beth, for all your hard work, patience and for making it seem easier than it really is!

Robin B. Hall, White Springs, FL
Debra Hughes
On Sep 18, 2012
I started a weight loss program Jan. 2012 and did very well.
But I needed the motivation to exercise so since I read Beth's column in the Jasper Newspaper I contacted her about her "boot camp" in May. Well I decided I could go on my own and to tell you the truth I was afraid to try the camp.
Finally in July of 2012 I contacted Beth and committed to a personal training 12 week program, 30 minutes twice a week.
The first couple of workouts were hard but I was determined to keep at it. At the end of the 12 weeks I was doing push ups (swore I could NOT do them) and could see my muscles again.
Since then I did a 4 week boot camp and will be starting the biweekly classes 9/18/12.
It is great to not only lose the weight but to get physically fit also.
Thank you so much for being kind when needed and kicking butt when needed :).
Debra Hughes

Michelle Jones
On Sep 01, 2012
In January of this year, I made my mind up to live my life healthier. I felt as though I was working so hard, exercising and at what I ate, but not getting the results I wanted. After hearing so many wonderful things about Beth, I decided to give her a call. Meeting with her weekly was so encouraging! I learned how to eat the right foods, at the right times and also learned how I should really be exercising. I have had so much energy and am loving the results I am getting. Beth assured me that I would start noticing change within 3 weeks and I did! I am so excited to continue this journey. Thank you, Beth, for helping me get on the right track!

*Michelle Jones, Lake City, FL
Sheilah Broughton
On Aug 27, 2012
Working with Beth has changed everything for me. I’ve lost 30 lbs and feel better than I have in years. I was a middle-aged, overweight, couch potato that hated to exercise. With Beth’s encouragement and patience I now do cardio six days a week and strength training two days a week. Beth has been great to work with my busy schedule and our remote sessions are perfect for me. I am very grateful for the help and support Beth has given me and encourage everyone to join her in getting fit.

~Sheilah Broughton, Day, FL
Natalie Lowe
On Jun 24, 2012
Training with Beth spurred a transformation in my life! Now I am not only stronger, I have healthier eating habits and I am doing more than I ever thought possible. Beth has been flexible with my schedule, encouraged healthy habits and introduced me to new, exciting ways to get the results I wanted! Seeing Beth is like an IV of motivation! Thanks to her positive influence, I am waking up earlier, performing better at work, lifting more, running farther and enjoying life to the fullest!

With concetrated training, I completed my first 5K in my goal time of 29:51
Plus a physical challenge which included push ups, pull ups, sit ups and a 1.5 mile run One week later, my 5K time was improved to a 28:06
Now, my husband and I have decided to train for a marathon!!

I am so thankful for the time Beth and I have together each week and I look forward to enjoying many more workouts as I continue to reach my fitness goals!!

I recommend Beth to anyone who wants to improve themselves with the assistance of a positive, motivational and qualified trainer! FIVE STARS!
Donna Robinson
On May 24, 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed my bootcamp experience with Beth. The program was tough-but I enjoyed the challenge. Beth does a great job of providing a variety of exercises to challenge the entire body! I learned tips on appropriate protein consumption, timing etc, and healthy ways and tricks to make food taste better and still be good for me and support me maintaining lean body weight. My legs and gluts were definitely left more toned!
Thanks so much!!
Ida Daniels
On Apr 26, 2012
I started exercising with Beth in December as a start of a "Staff" Wellness initiative. From the very first session I could tell this was going to guide me to a healthy lifestyle. She is very knowledgeable and encouraging giving you just the right motivation to keep you going. She is always thinking of ways to help you reach your goals. In April we begin a "Fit" Camp - I must admit I was a little apprehensive about starting this 8 week venture. But I am sure glad I did - the extra sessions had really boost my progress. It has been four weeks and I look forward to each session and the additional guidance for me to keep a daily dairy of what I eat, drink, how we feel and anything helps me keep on the right path. The weight and inches I have lost is incredible.
For all the help Beth has given me - I want to be a walking example to others of how they can may a healthy lifestyle change and enjoy every minute. Not bad for this 50+ year old lady!
Thanks BETH!
Ida Daniels - Jasper, FL

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