Gwenn Jones

Auburn, CA 95603
Club or Studio Owner Fitness Instructor Personal Trainer Program Director or Manager Yoga Instructor

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Born and raised in San Francisco, becoming ACE-certified in 1994, I instructed fitness classes for 11 years. Upon relocating to Auburn, CA in 2004, I continue instruction in yoga and personal training.
Club or Studio Owner, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Program Director or Manager, Yoga Instructor
Years Experience
21-25 years
ACE - Group Fitness Instructor
ACE - Personal Trainer
Expired 11/30/2014
American Heart Association
Amerian Heart Association
American Heart Association

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Victorian Village 1175 Grass Valley Hwy, Auburn, CA 95603

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Client Reviews/Comments

6 reviews
Joan ashworth
On May 17, 2014
I sincerely believe Gwen is partially responsible for my recovery of stage four cancer. I have practiced yoga for many years, but was force to practically stop due to my cancer diagnosis. When I was ready to start again, I was blessed to find Gwen at Auburn Yoga. She helped me regain strength and flexibility, but most importantly a positive body image. As any cancer survivor knows, believing in yourself and having a strong spirit is vital to regaining good health. Gwen has been instrumental in this process for me. All my sincere thanks to her.
Joan ashworth
On May 17, 2014
I sincerely believe Gwen is more than partially responsible for my current healing and recovery from stage 4 cancer. I began my yoga practice years ago, but was forced to all but completely stop due to a diagnosis of cancer. Once I was ready to start again, I found Gwen at Auburn yoga. I am so blessed. Gwen has helped me regain flexibility, strength, and most importantly confidence in my spirit and my body. As any cancer survivor knows, regaining a positive body image is crucial in recovery, but very difficult. Though my yoga practice with Gwen in the lead, I am feeling more vital and resolute to continue on this healing path. All my sincere thanks to her.
Sam Greene
On Apr 21, 2014
Gwenn has been instructing us in yoga for 6 years. Her personalized attention has strengthened and stretched body parts that used to hurt, but no longer are sources of pain. We go regularly to maintain the health and suppleness she has helped us achieve.
Whenever we overdo our fun, she personalizes our workout to sooth sore muscles and aching backs. I doubt we could maintain our active lifestyle without her help.
Bill Vogel
On Apr 10, 2014
Gwenn will tailor her class to the needs and abilities of the students. I highly doubt there is any other instructor in the area that cares that much about the well being and health of the people taking a yoga class. She takes time to make sure that everyone is doing the poses correctly. Without a doubt, the best yoga instructor my wife and I have ever had.
Rebeca de la Torre
On Apr 10, 2014
Extremely grateful for the wellness & positives Gwenn have brought into my life! I suffered from neck & shoulder pains for some time and never was flexible even as a kid. I’ve been attending Gwenn’s classes now for about three years and slowly but surely the discomfort and pain has subsided immensely. Her style is tender and thoughtful to her clients. The environment is safe and welcoming for everyone to move at their personal pace regardless of the class.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND Gwenn’s classes & studio!
Kathleen Devitt
On Apr 09, 2014
I highly recommend Gwenn's yoga classes. She asks before each class if you have any special needs that day for a very personalized work out. She adjusts the classes accordingly. Since I've been taking yoga from Gwenn, my back is much improved.

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