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How do you keep track of your CECs?

13 Answers | Asked by Joy Keller on Sep 09, 2011

Answered by Ashley Varol on Oct 29, 2013

ACE website and a nerdy binder with page protectors :)

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where is the best place to buy music for group fitness classes?

5 Answers | Asked by Maria Hendren on Oct 29, 2013

Answered by Ashley Varol on Oct 29, 2013

I love It's actual artists, and the mixes are fun and you can pick different bpm.

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What fitness assessment software or database do you use?

11 Answers | Asked by Ashley Varol on Oct 24, 2013

Answered by Ashley Varol on Oct 28, 2013

Thanks for your feedback so far! I'm really looking more for software that we can track multiple records per person on and that we can run reports/data comparisons from. We have a large set of pre and post data we will need to pull and so far are not finding what we'd like to use. Thanks!

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How do you guys feel about putting up your pricing on your website??

21 Answers | Asked by ALI ATTAR on Jul 25, 2012

Answered by Ashley Varol on Jul 25, 2012

Personally, I think transparency is something that is often missing in our field - the more upfront you can be, the more appreciative clients seem to be. We are very upfront at my facility, have 2 levels of trainers, and it works. We do promotions every so often, but really stick with our "bread a...

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What can I do to help clients with the clunk/pop in thier hips?

3 Answers | Asked by Jessica Reiss on Apr 28, 2012

Answered by Ashley Varol on Apr 29, 2012

Jessica, What are they doing when they are clunking / popping? Is it only certain movements, or all the time? From my understanding, there are two things that this could be (but by no means am I diagnosing!): 1) fluid in the hip joint itself essentially "popping" 2) the hip itself moving t...

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templates for forms

4 Answers | Asked by Pat Karlsson Backe on Apr 22, 2012

Answered by Ashley Varol on Apr 28, 2012

Are you looking for templates? Or how-to's for creating them? This will help me to better answer your question! Thanks! Feel free to follow up with me directly: /

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CalU of PA MS degree in exercise science and wellness, what can I do with it?

6 Answers | Asked by Nikki Walker on Apr 28, 2012

Answered by Ashley Varol on Apr 28, 2012

Nikki, Though I didn't go to that school, I have a BS in Health Science (Sports / Biomechanics) and a MEd in Health Education, and I am now the Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness at the University of Cincinnati. I get to oversee both student and professional staff, teach, develop classes a...

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For prenatal/postpartum group instructors what are some of the benefits that clients cite beyond the physical?

5 Answers | Asked by Tamara Wrenn on Mar 27, 2012

Answered by Ashley Varol on Mar 30, 2012

I have had a few clients in the past both pre and post natal, and I've heard people say everything from fewer symptoms of pregnancy (less sickness, less swelling, less fatigue) to an easier / shorter delivery. As Joanne points out, it is very important to stay healthy and fit throughout pregnancy, ...

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How responsible should I be for what my clients due in the time they are not training with me?

13 Answers | Asked by Mary Slater on Mar 27, 2012

Answered by Ashley Varol on Mar 30, 2012

Ultimately, we can only do so much, and the choices our clients make can only reflect what they know. My mentor always taught me to try to teach myself out of a job-which of course never happens, as the more I teach clients / participants / staff, the more they want! Though you can't be there every...

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Looking for advice from Club Managers & Owners

10 Answers | Asked by Thea Jorgensen on Mar 28, 2012

Answered by Ashley Varol on Mar 29, 2012

One thing that has helped engage my staff (I work at a University and have both student and contract professional staff) is to have them involved in active learning and then teaching back to one another. They have sought out topics that they think could help improve the facility (i.e., find areas t...

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