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Ariadne Greenberg

Barrington, RI 02806-4750

Questions Answered by Ariadne

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Looking for some fall yoga class ideas....thoughts...experience on what worked for you and your students?

2 Answers | Asked by Cariann Stafford on Jul 23, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Jul 26, 2015

Are you looking for a workshop topic or class style that you can teach/lead yourself, or an idea for something for which you would look for someone to teach who is an expert in that area? If the former, I would definitely say to work to your areas of expertise, and play to your strengths. Ha...

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What are the best ways to think more open-mindedly and be a better critical thinker in this industry?( or just generally)?

3 Answers | Asked by Julian Conner on Jul 22, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Jul 22, 2015

I think Karin's answer is very good. I think one of the best earliest steps is a habit of reading..... reading more than just things with which one automatically agrees.... reading will give one a base of information, as well as a window into people and cultures and philosophies that differ fro...

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fasted cardio

8 Answers | Asked by Joan Liew on Jul 22, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Jul 22, 2015

Here is a great article by Dr. Len Kravitz, a long term researcher in exercise science:

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Inner IDEA Convention? Other mind-body conventions?

4 Answers | Asked by Nancy Korf on Jul 22, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Jul 22, 2015

Rather than a convention I prefer a long training. A convention favors small workshops on many topics, which I enjoy for fitness, and which I think works for mind body or yoga training for those who use it within work that is more fitness based. I find with yoga what really gives me the best exper...

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I am the owner of a small fitness company, some of my clients are seniors with medicare. Can I enroll my company to take this?

7 Answers | Asked by Nicole Moress on Jul 13, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Jul 14, 2015

There is one context of which I am aware where yoga is covered by Medicare: when it is part of the Ornish program for heart disease. Or course, what is being covered is not the yoga per se, but a multi intervention approach to the multifactorial disease. If you are unaware of Dr. Ornish you might...

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Where can I buy a 'pelv-a core' appliance used in Christine Christie's video?

2 Answers | Asked by Marnie Marx on Jul 12, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Jul 12, 2015 This looks like the product you are describing. It looks like they also do trainings. I can't make any personal recommendations, as I've never heard of it, but it looks interesting. Certainly the pelvic floor is an important part of training the cor...

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Independent Trainers: Do you rent space from a local studio? If so, how much do you pay?

9 Answers | Asked by Jason Davis on Jul 12, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Jul 12, 2015

Most of my relationships are based on straight pay or a split, or a bonus based on number of students. There are a couple of places where I have done one on one sessions. In one of those they set the prices based on the experience level of the teacher, and the teacher pays a rental out of that fee...

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How many times a day are you asked for nutrition advice?

8 Answers | Asked by Jason Davis on Jul 10, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Jul 11, 2015

This is of course a huge topic of conversation... with online communities, in social events, and of course at the gym. I would tend to measure it less in how many times a day, than how often in relationship to when I am with my students. And the answer there would be fairly often, especially wit...

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What do you wish you knew about your fitness career earlier?

7 Answers | Asked by Beverly Hosford, MA on Jun 26, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Jun 26, 2015

Things change a lot over time, so while you can plan ahead you can never know what external forces will shift the business. It is good to keep educated on many fronts so even if you are not on the crest you at least won't miss the wave. So imagine if you were a manufacturer of riding tack and hors...

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Do certain health insurance users go for free

5 Answers | Asked by Nate Strawder on Jun 23, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Jun 26, 2015

I cannot see from your profile where you are, but I know that one of the clubs where I teach has a deal where people with a certain kind of health insurance have a very inexpensive membership. Harris is right that it would pay to contact fitness centers that are close to you to see what deals they ...

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