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I am a Yoga/Pilates as well as a Group Fitness Instructor. What insurance do I need?

4 Answers | Asked by Cynthia Polk-Allen on Dec 20, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Dec 21, 2015

If you are an IDEA member you can get coverage for both quite reasonably through 'fitness and wellness'. The yoga alliance has an association with a different company, but also offer reasonable insurance for people who are Alliance members. You could check out both options.

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idea social poster

2 Answers | Asked by Trisha Selbach on Dec 17, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Dec 18, 2015

Go to your home profile page while you are signed in and there is a 'quick link' box on the upper left.

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How long does the Yoga Certification test take?

4 Answers | Asked by User on Dec 15, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Dec 16, 2015

If you want to teach yoga, or if you want to understand what is involved in studying to become a yoga teacher, you might look at the web site of the Yoga Alliance. The Yoga Alliance does not certify teachers, but it provides a stamp of approval for programs that meet what are considered to provide ...

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What is sedentary behaviors or inactivity physiology

5 Answers | Asked by Miriam Mitchell on Dec 11, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Dec 11, 2015

I believe sedentary is less than 1.5 METs. But I am not sure about the rest of the question.

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My trainer is letting me go because my time slot is inconvenient after a year of training; what do i say to him?

17 Answers | Asked by Eileen Mulcaire on Dec 08, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Dec 11, 2015

Please do not take it personally. Remember that what you see is a trainer at the gym, but he is also a person with a life outside the gym. He isn't saying.... I don't want to work with you because of something you did.... he is saying "I don't want to pull 12 hour days and have to take a 2 hour co...

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Issues adhering to a group exercise schedule?

11 Answers | Asked by Alicia Valleskey on Dec 07, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Dec 11, 2015

A great many years ago I was a library tech. I worked my way from the lowest position to the head of the department. It was, however, a position that had a lot of authority, but little teeth in terms of enforcement, just because of the nature of the organization. I found that one had to develop a...

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How great is the ISSA cert when it comes to the website development?

6 Answers | Asked by Jessica Ashman on Dec 09, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Dec 11, 2015

The biggest differences are that the exam is not third party proctored for ISSA, and ISSA is not NCCA accredited. You might want to double check with the places you wish to work if you decide to go the ISSA route. Some places require or prefer a cert. that is NCCA accredited. Easter is right. ...

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Does meditation help with fitness/bodybuilding?

10 Answers | Asked by Chris Willitts on Dec 03, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Dec 03, 2015

I both mediate and teach meditation techniques. I also am a fitness professional and a yoga teacher (slightly different things I think) and used to be a personal trainer. I don't lift the way I used to, but I do lift. In fact I am interested in a wide range of practices for health and self discov...

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what profession does idea target

10 Answers | Asked by Tiffany Price on Dec 01, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Dec 02, 2015

the mission of IDEA has changed, or rather grown, over the years. As you can see from the acronym, IDEA, it was originally seen as a professional association for those who taught dance exercise (International Dance Exercise Association) but it grew to represent personal trainers as well, particular...

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I am thinking about taking a Personal Fitness Trainer course with US Career Institute and I wonder if this Institute is great

6 Answers | Asked by Douglas Bilsky on Nov 24, 2015

Answered by Ariadne Greenberg on Nov 25, 2015

There are a few ways to judge whether this,or any, training or certification will get you what you want.... professional respect and employment. One way is to look at the materials the organization offering the training produces. This is not generally the best way to go. It would be like going...

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