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Hi I'm Anne.. Personal Trainer...from Nova Scotia....My passion is to inspire my clients to reach their fitness goals and maintain a healthy holistic lifestyle. Born & raised in Dartmouth.. Past competitive swimmer (Dal U), runner and tri athlete and water-polo player. Now I run, hike, jump rope... more less
2 years BSc (partial), Dalhousie University
Post Secondary Certificate 2 years BSc (partial), Dalhousie University
Years Experience
11-15 years
NSCA - Certified Personal Trainer
Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology - Certified Personal Trainer
Agency Unavailable
Lifesaving Society Nova Scotia - Unknown Certification Type
Agency Unavailable
Lifesaving Society - Nova Scotia - Unknown Certification Type
Agency Unavailable
Alfred J Bell & Grant Ltd

Anne's Locations

Dartmouth Adventure Boot Camp - Owner
Within 5 miles of B3A 3T4 (Mobile Training Radius)
www.nsbootcamp.com | 902-465-1028
Dartmouth Sportsplex - Trainer/Instructor
110 Wyse Road, Dartmouth, NS B3A 1M2, CA
www.DartmouthSportsplex.com | 902-464-2600 Ext 340

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$65.00 / hr
Payment Methods
Cash, Personal Checks
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on requested basis
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Client Reviews/Comments

10 reviews
On Aug 27, 2012
Anne has retrained me on my swimming technique - very challenging - and is helping me through a non-racing year. Her support and understanding go hand-in-hand with focused training and the right kind of motivation. She's smart about the whole person and doesn't bring in any negative ego - it's all about my goals and abilities. If you can get her to work with you, you're another lucky athlete!

Janice Gaudet
On Aug 22, 2012
I ditto all of the other positive comments. Anne is a top notch trainer - she is incredibly motivational and knowledgeable. Her boot camp makes fitness fun. If you follow her advice, you'll get great results.
On Aug 21, 2012
I had a herniated disc which side lined me for about 2 years. I needed some motivation to get me kick started back into a fitness regime. I have taken several fitness camps with Anne. She was able to get me kick started back to fitness. I have been on my own running program for the past year. I have been in contact with Anne to get professional advice on some diet issues and have been given info that I am putting into use with success. Her camps are both fun and social and you get in shape to boot.
Cathy Belanger
On Aug 20, 2012
If money were no object, I'd be at boot camp every month of the year under Anne's tutelage. Intended to bridge a summer programming gap during my annual gym membership, I'm at the end of my second boot camp. Anne is highly knowledgeable, technically focused, effectively motivational, and always creative in her blend of exercises. She is attentive to campers' individual physical issues, flexible with schedules and rolls seamlessly with weather changes. Toss in a great sense of humour, and this woman is one professional, fun and likeable leader!
Cathy Belanger
Janet McCarthy
On Aug 20, 2012
I will "ditto" all of the above comments!!! Anne is the BESTt at what she does....train, teach, motivate, encourage, educate and most of all care.... She will find a way to make you enjoy exercise and feel so good about yourself, no matter what shape or condition you are. Her visual cues are perfect for some of the techniques she teaches, helping you do it properly all the time. I love the seminars and e-mail news letters too. Thanks Anne for all you do to make us fit and healthy.

Jennifer Harper
On Jan 14, 2012
Hey Anne,
Anyone who can make me get out of bed at 5 a.m. in the middle of January is definitely someone special ! Looking forward to the next boot camp. Sign me up !
Anne's Response on Jan 14, 2012:
Hey Jen, You did all the work to get up so take the credit. I'll e-mail you to set up a time for assessment.
Anne Galbraith
On Aug 25, 2011
Anne is a great trainer/coach. I have taken several boot camps and running courses with her. She knows the background for the exercises that she puts us through and she keeps us going with a variety of exercises for both the boot camps and the running courses. She makes working out fun and she is genuinely concerned about her students' fitness levels and improving those levels to the best of each participant's ability. I keep coming back because she fosters the idea that I am capable of improving my fitness level and everyone involved with her programs seems to grasp the same idea. Thanks Anne!
Anne's Response on Aug 26, 2011:
Anne, You make my coming to work a pleasure... Always wanting to go to the next level. You have come along way since your first boot camp.. Now you are a runner with many successful races under your belt. You are proof that with determination, motivation and the will to do better and success follows..
On Aug 22, 2011
I have taken several boot camps with Anne over the past few years. She makes the sessions fun and effective and is interested in the participants individually. She takes time to encourage us to continue with our fitness goals post camp. During camp, Anne comes up with creative ways to challenge us; she keeps us moving and motivated!
I have no hesitation in recommending Anne as a personal coachn or trainer. I would encourage other folks to sign up for boot camp!
Cathy Connors

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