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If you work with me as a trainer, I will do my best to educate you on how to fit exercise and healthy eating into your busy schedule. Professional knowledge and experience are crucial when customizing a program to meet your unique needs. I have been in practice for more than ten years and my credentials include: certification from American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Poliquin Performance Specialist Level 1 and 2, and as a C.H.E.K .Holistic Lifestyle Coach, as well as a Bachelors degree from the University of Colorado. Building on my experience working with hundreds of clients, I incorporate body mechanics, cardio, and strength training to help create a lean line and core strength. Nutritional coaching and metabolic typing provide a foundation for successful weight loss and a path to optimal health.

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  • BS, Business Admin/Marketing, University of Colorado @ Boulder

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ACE - ACE Certified Personal Trainer
CHEK - Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 (HLC1)
NASM - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
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PN - Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified
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Poliquin - PICP II
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Poliquin - Performance Specialization Certification
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American Heart Association

AED Certified

American Heart Association

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$60.00 / hr

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Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks

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  • by Kelcey Calderon on Jan 03, 2016

    Andrea is the best personal trainer and nutrition coach in San Diego. Probably on the planet.

    I have been overweight since childhood and on the weight loss rollercoaster for about 9 years. Each time that I resolved to lose the weight, I would diet and exercise, the pounds would start shedding off, and I’d feel great... until I hit a brick wall. I’d hover around 210 lbs for weeks. I’d lose a pound here, gain two pounds there, and my appetite would get harder and harder to manage the more I’d try to get back on track. Eventually I’d give up and the pounds would return in force.

    This cycle repeated itself several times until I decided I needed help. I count myself incredibly lucky to find Andrea.

    Andrea crafted my training and food intake to fit my schedule and my lifestyle. She weaned me off of the bad food I was eating and gave me the knowledge I would need to eat properly. Just as importantly, she guided me in that process so that I changed my eating habits in a way so that I could stick to the new habits. I no longer feel the intense cravings for sweets and junk foods that I once had.

    She also found my physical limits right away, and then helped me push past them. For example when I first started training with Andrea, I struggled to complete a 5 mile hike around the perimeter of Lake Miramar. Today I can jog around that perimeter without stopping.

    If you want to lose weight, Andrea is the way to go. I know this because she has helped me to do what I was starting to believe was impossible. Thanks to her training and her education, I feel like I am starting a brand new life.

  • by Diana Nguyen on Dec 14, 2015

    As much as I worked out on my own using different workouts (half marathons , Insanity, CrossFit, P90X3, pilates, cardio and weights at the gym), I made some progress and then plateaued – I couldn’t seem to reach my goals on my own. With my wedding looming 5 months before me, I decided to fork up the money for personal training. I tried personal training for 1.5 months with a large chain gym. I was relatively satisfied with the knowledge of the trainer but disappointed by the lack of personalization to my goals, resistance to adapting to and addressing my concerns, and being stood up at 3 appointments.

    I found Andrea on Yelp and was intrigued by her consistently excellent reviews. She stood out even during our initial phone conversation. She spent a significant amount of time understanding my goals, explaining her approach to nutrition and exercise, and answering my straightforward questions about her experience and how she would be different from the last trainer. Prior to meeting her for a consultation, she emailed a questionnaire about my medical and fitness history, lifestyle, eating habits, and goals. She was very professional, reviewed everything on the questionnaire and wrote notes, and answered all my questions. It felt like a mutual meeting to make sure we were on the same page and worth each other’s time (and my money!). I worked out 3 times a week with her for 3 months. By my wedding, I was the closest to my goal that I have ever been and made significant and visible progress - much more than I could have done myself or with any other workout I had tried. I was back at the weight I was 10 years ago and probably my leanest. Most importantly, I felt confident and comfortable in my body.

    My intention was to stop personal training after the wedding. The wedding has passed and I am still working with Andrea – that says a lot! This is why I continue:

    - Andrea provides true PERSONAL training. She listens to my goals and tailors each workout and the overall plan; no two clients are the same and neither are our fitness plans. She addresses my concerns, whether it be tweaking my diet/workouts or doing my assessment earlier so I can see the evidence. She plans my workouts and homework ahead of time so everything feels intentional to reach my goals. She is incredibly observant and remembers our workouts and nuances about my body. She is very attentive to my form and constructively corrects me all the time. You will be very hard pressed to find her level of personalization at a big chain gym.

    - Andrea is experienced and well-trained. She is able to explain everything - proper form of each exercise and how our bodies compensate when fatigued, targeted muscles, effects of food on our bodies, etc. There are so many myths and pop culture to fitness; I believe that a true professional personal trainer understands and is able to explain the effects of exercise and nutrition on our bodies and Andrea does exactly that. She empowers her clients to maintain a balanced life by explaining proper exercise and healthy eating habits. She is also driven to keep learning and educating herself through fitness seminars and reading. Living and understanding a healthy lifestyle is who she really is, not just her job.

    - Andrea keeps me accountable. I’m self-motivated, but Andrea really helps keep my eating and exercise habits on track. Like many clients have mentioned, she is the perfect balance of sternness and encouragement. She is realistic in her expectations, and reminds me to be realistic as well. She takes the time to evaluate my eating habits, offers suggestions that will provide enough calories and macronutrients, and tailors workouts and “homework” exercises to my short- and long-term goals. When someone dedicates this time and attention to me, I feel responsible to also do my part to meet these expectations.

    Without hesitation, I would recommend Andrea to anyone who has goals for working out or nutrition. She will push you further than you will yourself and dedicate herself to helping you reach your potential.

  • by Harini Raghupathi on Mar 26, 2015

    I have been working with Andrea for over half a year now, and I am truly enjoying her fitness training services. I came to her a pretty seasoned long-distance endurance athlete, but wanted to work on my strength, speed, and flexibility. She has definitely delivered. Every three weeks, she write me a new set of dynamic flexibility, strength training, and sprint workouts. They work my entire body in a doable amount of time, and I have seen great results. I have gained flexibility, become a faster runner, built lean muscle, and significantly decreased my body fat. She is also knowledgeable about nutrition and has helped me to severely reduce my sugar habit and up my protein intake as a vegetarian athlete.

    The best part is that I've discovered how fun it is to lift. As a petite woman, Andrea has helped me feel confident in a weight room, among all the big, burly bros. I can't wait to get back in there and continue to lift heavy and see my strength progress.

  • by Jessica Benson on Mar 23, 2015

    I started working with Andrea in San Diego 3 months after having my second child (my first C-Section). I have always been athletic/active, but after several months of off-and-on back pain I realized I needed to be smart about getting my active lifestyle back, especially working carefully on core strength lost because of the C-Section. Andrea did a thorough analysis of my body/diet and designed a foundational workout program that I could do on my own. I continued to meet with her for an assessment every month and she would switch up my program to make it more challenging as I got stronger. She always did a great job of assessing when I needed to continue where I was and when I needed to push myself. The results have been fabulous. In 5 months I lost 8% body fat and 14 lbs, I am at my goal weight, and continue to progress and have fun!!! I used to run for hours, but these short/smart workouts have been way more effective, and really fit well with my busy working mom life. The other day I went rock climbing for the first time in years and was amazed at how strong I was! Regardless of your fitness level or goals, Andrea is a great nutrition coach, personal trainer, and fitness resource to help you reach your goals.

  • by Naomi Ramos on Apr 22, 2014

    Andrea is a wonderful personal trainer! Before I met her, I had no experience with weight training and had been afraid to try out the machines in the gym. At our first meeting, Andrea performed an assessment test to determine my fitness level, strengths, and weaknesses and created a customized training program. Although I had run endurance races in the past (marathon, triathlon, and a number of half-marathons), there were a number of issues with my strength, balance, and flexibility. In the 6+ months that I have trained with Andrea, I have seen a noticeable improvement in these problem areas. It has been exciting to see my weekly progress and I can definitely feel an overall difference. In addition to strength training, Andrea has also been able to customize my training schedule for specific short-term goals. For example, she helped me train and complete the San Diego Tough Mudder race (10+ mile obstacle course). Andrea looked through the obstacle list and assigned relevant exercises and adjusted them to my fitness level. I recommend Andrea as a fitness trainer and encourage others to invest in their health and fitness.

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