Amanda Sheldon

Miami, FL 33186

I recognize that you are a unique and vital individual; confidentiality, honesty, respect, and understanding make up the core values of my profession. I will listen to you without judgment or my own agenda. I will encourage realistic expectations and goals. I will be direct and firm with feedback when needed. I will help you develop a foundation for commitment and discipline in order to improve and maintain wellness. Through constant support and encouragement I will help you discover what motivates you to achieve your full potential while passing on knowledge, ability and self-confidence for continued life-long fitness. I will acknowledge when you have an issue that is outside my scope of knowledge and skill and recommend other avenues. Our Mind, Body and Realm are the most precious treasures we have been given; we must take excellent care of all three. And to that end, I will always strive to set my behavior as an example for yours.
I believe that effective lifestyle change encompasses three critical aspects:
Mind - This includes everything intangible and meta-physical; thinking, feeling, self-talk, attitude, spirituality, self-image, body-image, appetite (not hunger), psychology, philosophy, beliefs.
Body - This is the tangible and physical; physiology, homeostasis, chemical, hormonal, nutritional, biomechanics, movement, strength, speed, power, flexibility, balance, agility.
Realm - This is everything external; the space-time continuum, environment, home, work, school, friends, family, media, geography, exposure, support networks, lovers, school, travel, material goods, pets, hobbies, commitments, deadlines.
I will assist you in addressing each of these factors, in detail—as they relate to your specific needs and issues—to ensure your successful lifestyle change.

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  • Master's Degree, Exercise Physiology, University of Miami, FL
  • BS, Exercise Physiology/Biology, University of Miami, FL
  • Chemistry, University of Miami, FL
  • AS, Dietetic Technology, Miami-Dade College

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Certifications / Trainings

ACSM - ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
Wellcoaches - Certified Health & Wellness Coach

CPR Certified

AED Certified

Liability Insurance

  • Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Amanda's Locations

Pro Fitness SPORT

14260 SW 142 Street
Suite #105
Miami, FL 33186

Pro Fitness Goddess

14241 SW 120th Street
Suite 106
Miami, FL 33186

Pro Fitness at Sunset

15682 SW 72nd Street
Miami, FL 33193

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$0.00 / hr

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Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks

Awards & Accomplishments

  • First in Class Dietetic Technology

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish



5 Reviews

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by Daiyibis Sabina on Jan 16, 2012

    I have been training with Amanda since 2010, 4 months before my summer vacation, which was the first one where I proudly wore a two piece bathing suit again after having children, and I can say that she completely changed my life to a healthier one and turned me into a confident woman. I've had diabetes type 1 since I was 16 yrs old and never exercised a day in my life and my diet was a total mess and my blood sugar was constantly all over the place. After having my two pregnancies the last one being twins I could never get back to my original weight and 3 yrs later I knew that it wasn't going to happen unless I took charge. I was lucky enough to meet Amanda and it took me only 12 weeks to reach my desired weight , exactly the time that she anticipated :) She didn't only train me and put me on a temporary diet, she showed me a very easy to maintain lifestyle. As soon as my body started to adjust to my new lifestyle I noticed how my insulin intake was reduced INCREDIBLY, and after the third week or so my weight started dropping and everybody was noticing the change in my body and my friends were asking where was the magic happening and more than one started seeing her too. I'm extremely happy to say that I've been able to keep a healthy lifestyle, absolutely nothing to do with crazy, nasty diets that can only be limited to a few weeks duration and best of all...many people have been telling me that I look the best of my life which has given me all the confidence a woman may need. Mandy, I can never thank you enough for giving me so much!

  • by Elizabeth Garcia on Nov 15, 2011

    Amanda is one of a kind. I enjoyed working out with her and she taught me a lot. She was very encouraging and works with you to understand where your weaknesses stemmed from. Specifically, she would sit with you and go over not only exercise plans, but eating plans that were very helpful. Amanda was very understanding of my limitations when it came to an old knee injury and she always developed ways to work me out with modifications for my knee. She motivated me to spin, something I could not do, or honestly felt I would not be able to do. Her motivation got me to try spinning and start off doing 10-15 minutes at first and working me up to where I was addicted. She also taught me to use a heart rate monitor, which changed my workout routine completely. She is so full of knowledge and a wonderful person.

    I would recommend Amanda to anyone who needs a good, honest trainer. She is a great person!

    Response by Amanda Sheldon on Nov 16, 2011

    Thank you, Elizabeth, from the bottom of my heart.
    I know it's been a while, but I really do think of you often. You inspired more people than you might know around this little studio! Believe me when I tell you that many clients still ask me: "Where's Liz? How is Elizabeth doing? Have you talked to Liz lately?"
    I hang my head and say that I don't know; that I need to shoot you an email or call you. Then I never seem to get around to it...but you know that I’ve only ever earned a "no stars" when it comes to keeping in touch with long-lost clients. So, here begins my attempt at working on that: I am going to send you a private email right now!

  • by Nydia Perez on Nov 11, 2011

    I really enjoy working out with Amanda! She is receptive, encouraging, motivating, and most importantly, HUMAN! She understand the limits of the human body and never exercises you on extremes nor pushes you beyond anything you feel comfortable doing.

    Honesty is another great characteristic of Amanda. She never spews any bulls$%! and if she doesn't know the answer, she researches it with you. Her recommendations are always helpful and carefully thought out. Her workout routine kicks your a$$ but leaves you feeling with a great sense of accomplishment!

    I recommend Amanda Sheldon to anyone, hands down! She ROCKS!!


    Response by Amanda Sheldon on Nov 12, 2011

    You are a true gem, Nydia!
    Thank you so much for your beautiful words.