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My name is Amanda Dale and I'm an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach. I have over seven years' experience training clients from all walks of life - from pregnant mamas to senior citizens to Boston-qualifying marathon runners. I teach group exercise formats such as Boot Camp, Indoor ... more less
BA Communications, University of Southern California
Medical Sociology, University of California, Irvine
Postsecondary Administration, University of Southern California
Years Experience
5-6 years
ACE - Personal Trainer
Schwinn Cycling - Schwinn Cycling Certification
ASFA - Sports Nutrition Certification
Not Verified
AFAA - Group Exercise Certification
Agency Unavailable
Indo Row - Indo Row Training
Agency Unavailable
American Heart Association
National Safety Council
CPR for Life
American Heart Association
National Safety Council
CPR for Life

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$85.00 / hr
**rates vary for prenatal/specialized training**
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
UCI Recreation - Group Exercise Instructor of the Year
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20 reviews
On Aug 07, 2012
I am going through some major transitions in life and decided to work with a personal trainer to motivate me to get both my physical and mental health back on track. (Researching all the fitness/nutrition related things were just stressing me out, and you hire people to do your taxes and tutor you, so why not let a professional guide me toward my goals?) I went through the ideafit website (and Google) and interviewed MANY different trainers and I could tell right away (esp from her prompt communication) that Amanda was a professional who was dedicated to fitness. This is not just a job for her - she has PASSION for what she does! She knows her stuff.

It's been 2.5 weeks so far but everyone around me already notices the difference in my disposition. **Amanda somehow magically makes getting your butt kicked the most awesome part of the day.** Her enthusiasm and dedication really do rub off on you. I wanted to create workout consistency and improve my strength, and I feel like she tailored the workouts for me to target my specific goals.

My outlook on health/fitness/working-out would have been greatly affected by the interaction with my first serious trainer (kind of like how if your first math teacher sucks, you'll hate math forever), and I got incredibly lucky meeting Amanda. I would recommend her to everyone regardless of their fitness level and goals - she will help you get there!
Carrie Appel
On Feb 20, 2012
I will always be thankful and never forget, Amanda was the only trainer able to helped me achieve my goal of losing the last 10 lbs. Three months before my wedding, I contacted Amanda. It was the best thing, I could have done before my big day.
I have been an competitive athlete since the age of seven. I have always battled my weight and have never been able to shed the last ten pounds.
Amanda immediately gave me a eating plan. For the first time in my life, the weight just fell off. Amanda helped me find balance in my life with food, water intake and the right amount of exercise. These coupled with Amanda's passion, motivation and knowledge increased my fitness level within the first month.
Every workout is a new adventure and her energy is contagious.
Amanda is a professional, positive and knowledgeable trainer I highly recommend.
Emily Caviglia
On Feb 15, 2012
Amanda is a terrific athlete and a great motivator. She coached and coordinated our Ragnar Relay team, no small feat considering the logistical efforts required, and also coached our half marathon team. I've also attended her boot camp which was great-I was sore for at least three days after! I found muscle groups that I've never worked before! I cannot recommend her enough for her endless energy, curiosity, intelligence and enthusiasm for fitness.
Erin Fasano
On Feb 15, 2012
Amanda helped me get in shape for my wedding. We started working together about 4 months before the date, and she was great! She changed up our workouts so I never got bored, she always had a positive and encouraging attitude, and best of all, I ended up looking firm and toned for my big day!
Christina jurado
On Feb 15, 2012
oh where to begin on Amanda ;) .... she is AMAZING! I am a procrastinator and would find every excuse not to workout .... i was 5'4'' at 231 lbs and ready to give up on myself.... one night i searched for personal trainers and found Amanda .... i told myself i'll give her a shot .... now about 11 months later i'm 192 lbs .... the first few months was very hard for me to get on board with the eating and exercise ( i would cheat), but after awhile it got easier and now i actually look forward to working out! Changing my eating habits is still the hardest thing to change but Amanda is always there to teach me what foods are good and provides lots of ideas of what to buy ... and i mean she's always there, i text her all the time with questions :) .... I'm sure i could've done the starvation diet and dropped weight but i want to make a lifestyle change not a quick fix .... Amanda is just a natural at teaching people how to accomplish this change .... she has a great energy about her and a positive vibe that you can literally feel ... she's always smiling :) and she will never let you give up on yourself!!
I am a real person with real results! Amanda is a life changer!
Jennifer Flowers
On Feb 14, 2012
This year, Amanda helped me to achieve my biggest physical challenge to date: my first half-marathon. The plan she created for me was informed and easy to follow. I was particularly impressed that she took the time to tailor-make a program that not only incorporated other activities I enjoy, such as spin, but she also took into account my busy work schedule and set challenging but realistic goals for me based on my fitness level. During my brief bout with runner's knee, she went out of her way to adjust my workout program to allow my body to heal without veering too far off the training course. The result? I crossed the finish line ten minutes earlier than my goal time, and needed almost no recovery time after the race. Add the fact that she is bright, encouraging, fun, and genuinely interested in her clients, and I can honestly say there's nobody I'd rather train with.
Jihyun Kim
On Jan 13, 2011
Amanda is so passionate. She knows what she's doing. I have inquired her about my past trainers whom made my gain weight when my personal goal was the opposite. She also constantly shares her health-related knowledge. I met her as a college student and I was not very interested in eating healthy, but rather starve to maintain my weight. But after I met her, she helped me some tricks to get back into shape while eating actual food =) Thank you Amanda!
Ming-Jen Schu
On Jan 13, 2011
Trainer to trainer, I vote Amanda to be the best fitness pro in the Southland! Beside being a superb role model, she also knows how to motivate and inspire ... that's the art of coaching!
Jenn Brown
On Jan 13, 2011
I have trained with Amanda in the following ways: attended boot camp, circuit training, spin and trained for half marathons and triathlons. She is a delight to be around and extremely motivating. She has tailored workouts to my ability without giving into any of my grumbling resulting in a very challenging workout. My goal has been to feel strong and healthy in body and she has always worked with me towards this goal. Amanda has been training me in some way for over 4 years. I have recommended friends and family to her and will continue to do so.
Bonnie Charlton
On Aug 16, 2010
Choosing to train with Amanda has been the best decision I have made regarding my physical fitness. I had been going to a gym for several years but was really not accomplishing much. Then I happened to see Amanda training someone one day. I knew right away that I could feel comfortable training with her and that was what I needed to do to get fit. What a good decision this has been for me. She is unbelievably knowledgeable about health and fitness and is always encouraging and fun. Working with her has given me a much greater level of energy, strength and endurance. Whatever your fitness goals may, Amanda will help you achieve them!

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