Allyson Shumate

Brentwood, TN 37027-7878

About Me

I am a personal trainer and lifestyle & weight management coach. I have been in the corporate world for over 20 years as a project manager and know how hard it is to balance work, family, civic responsibilities while also trying to get or stay fit. I specialize in solutions for women creating time... more less
Bachelor's Degree Business Administration, University of South Carolina
Years Experience
7-8 years
ACE - ACE Health Coach
ACE - Personal Trainer
TRX - TRX Suspension Training Course
SCW - Group Exercise Certification
Pending Verification
SCW - Personal Training Certification
Pending Verification
American Heart Association
American Heart Association
Hoffman Insurance

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- Owner/Manager
5751 Old Hickory Blvd Suite 207, Hermitage, TN 37076
- Trainer/Instructor
Within 10 miles of 37076 (Mobile Training Radius)

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Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
Best Trainer for Results in the Donelson / Hermitage Area of TN
Ronna's favorite trainer
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Client Reviews/Comments

8 reviews
martha koger
On Jun 30, 2012
After retirement several years ago I had become totally inactive and begin to notice that my balance was not very good. Knowing that I should become more active/start an exercise program, procrastinating continued to rule. After meeting Allyson who had worked with some friends of mine.....I finally decided to call Ally Fitness and talk about a personal training program. She had the perfect program for me and was willing to work with my schedule of living part time in two different states. I work out at Ally Fitness when I am in TN and purchased the TRX to use in IL along with working out in the exercise room in our building. Allyson prepared a work out plan for me when I am not in TN
that makes it so easy to stay on schedule. She is very good at keeping me accountable. After four months with Ally Fitness, I finally feel as good or better than I did 8/10 yrs. ago. This is a total change for me and to say I look forward to my work out sessions is proof. I truly recommend Ally Fitness to anyone wanting to get in shape and feel better!!
On Jun 17, 2012
PLEASE ANSWER:Is the exam taken in a really quiet cslrasoom? or somewhere else? Like in a more open area. Quiet cslrasooms make me really nervous I'd feel more relaxed in a noisier place.
Abbey Cannon
On Nov 22, 2011
Allyson is an EXCELLENT encourager and trainer! She understands the "working woman" and truly works to create a program that fits your individual needs--both physically and timewise. She is very professional and cares about the individual. I highly recommend Ally!
Linda Bowers
On Nov 19, 2011
Wonderful, professional and effective equals RESULTS!!
What else is there!
Linda B
Gwen Glascock
On Jun 18, 2011
I wanted to get serious about getting back in shape at age 50. Wasn't looking to lose weight, just tone up in places, and knew I'd need more than self-motivation to get me going. Allyson has been the perfect solution! I lost 5 inches after the first month! She makes it fun and different every class. You owe it to yourself to give Ally Fitness a try! You won't be disappointed!
Danielle Underwood
On Jun 17, 2011
I decided to contact a personal trainer because I've been yo yo dieting for years and wanted a life style change. I wanted to eat healthier and be stronger. I really did not expect a personal trainer to be affordable or one that would work with my schedule. I live about 45 minutes from Allyson's studio, but she created a plan just for me. We spoke once per week about my food diary and met once per month to evaluate my workout and talk about any challenges. She made me accountable through texts and phone calls. This is EXACTLY what I wanted. I lost 5.5 inches the first month and lost 7lbs. I feel incredible and am on day 45 without a coke, which I have not done in over 10 years. It was more than a workout is changing my life. THANKS ALLY!- Danielle Underwood, Watertown, TN
Ronna Baltz
On Oct 14, 2010
I agree with Jackie! Allyson knows just how to motivate you, work within your needs and keep you on track. She's inspiring, caring and can really customize the workout for your level and needs. Her eating guide has wonderful fun recipes that taste great and are great for you. Call her today!
jackie gorman
On Oct 14, 2010
Can I just say that Allyson is going to be my savoir. She has not only structured a work out plan just for me and my needs, but also has MANY meal options with a journal so you can keep up with what you eat, drink and do on a daily basis...then on a weekly note she'll review and help you do even better the next week. If you need a trainer that cares and plans just for you....she's your girl.

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