Testimonial for VIVOBAREFOOT by Kyle Thorne, NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach

"I was a bit skeptical about the VIVOBAREFOOT Certification Course when I first heard about it. I wasn't entirely sure how I would apply it to my discipline within professional sports. After the first session, listening to Lee Saxby, I knew that I needed to absorb as much from him as possible. As a tremendous teacher and brilliant mind, Lee has so much to offer. I was challenged and humbled more than in any other education setting. The quality of the content and process was outstanding. Lee literally squeezes a year-long course concisely into a week. His practical testing process then demands that you have internalized the concepts and can apply them. I recommend this course without hesitation to any professional of any level. Lee shares his knowledge with the attendees with a genuine heart to improve their abilities to affect others."

- by Kyle Thorne, NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach