Testimonial for VIVOBAREFOOT by Andrew Wallace, Owner Upstream Fitness

"Out of any fitness certification program available to the public, the VIVOBAREFOOT Certified Coaching program is the most thorough, organized, interactive, and fun course today. As a former Special Operations soldier, CrossFit Coach, and business owner, I found the 5-day course to cover an enormous amount of material, both in terms of science and the principles of effective coaching. Lee Saxby's wealth of knowledge and amicable demeanor facilitated a wonderful learning environment, coupled with a comprehensive written and practical exam ensuring an adherence to high standards. I have now successfully held over 15 VIVOBAREFOOT Running Clinics in just 3 short months, and anticipate many more. Having attended alternative running certifications before, I will attest that the VIVOBAREFOOT Certified Coaching Program is the premier running certification program today."

- by Andrew Wallace, Owner Upstream Fitness

Boston, MA, US