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50 W 57th St
New York, NY 10019
Phone Number212-757-0724

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1 review
Peggy Roache
On Jul 13, 2011
To be able to train with Romana for my certification and for many continuing ed seminars was an absolute privilege and honor for which I will always be grateful. She was trained by Joseph Pilates himself from the time she was 17 years old, and his wife Clara entrusted Romana with continuing his life's work. She was always steadfast in her insistence in keeping the work true to what Joe created. She used to say, "You can do all those other things. Just don't call it Pilates."

Romana had incredible energy and wisdom with her clients and with the hundreds of apprentices who passed through her studio weekly. She had a way of making you put your body in the most perfect position to "squeeze the juice out of" an exercise, with the slightest touch, a mere glance or more often a simple word or phrase. And her daughter Sari and granddaughter Daria seemed to have inherited that same wisdom and insight. Romana's Pilates has the best of the best master teachers. This is the place to get the true essence of Pilates.

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