Recent Certification/Training Group Reviews

The Cooper Institute (CI)

The Cooper Institute is the real deal! All instructors and staff are there for your optimal learning experience, so you can take your knowledge to the field where it counts. The facility is beautifully landscaped and maintained in an environment conducive to wellness and quality of life changing rel... more
by Gary Benkendorf 1300 days ago


Well, FITOUR its a legitimate organization, but unfortunately its not yet nationally recognize. but should be!!! because its great, you learn A LOT with FITOUR. Some Health Club will accept this certification as enough credential to teach in their facility , but probably most Health Club, will ... more
by Veronica Scheier 1302 days ago

The BioMechanics Method (TBMM)

First of all Justin practices what he preaches. My first phone call to the office he happened to answer the call and was getting ready for a flight. Despite the fact of his busy schedule he spent ample time on the phone answering my questions and never made me feel as I was encroaching on his time.... more
by Heather Castor 1305 days ago

Cycling Fusion

Awesome manual and instructional videos as well as customer service. I like the fusion of indoor and outdoor cycling and I feel this program really helps bring those two together!
by Ronda Russell 1307 days ago

San Diego Miramar College (SDMC)

Awesome program, high quality instructors and sweet state-of-the-art facilities (plus they have an obstacle course to train on)!
by Emily Agan 1314 days ago

San Diego Miramar College (SDMC)

Excellent certificate program that gives students hands-on experience.
by Patricia Brown 1315 days ago

National Strength Professionals Association (NSPA)

The CCS certification is probably one of the most hands on certifications available and a great option for College or even Professional Strength Coaches. The practical requirements involve demonstrating pre & post exhaustion exercise sets, manual resistance training, PNF stretching, HIT training an... more
by Peter Rappoli 1320 days ago

The BioMechanics Method (TBMM)

Hi I'm Rhonda from Australia. I am so glad I discovered this revolutionary system that will help so many people improve or regain their health. Health professionals need to set themselves apart from the "smash the client mentality". We need to continue with our education, shine as professionals a... more
by Rhonda Collins 1326 days ago

International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

ISSA was my first certification. I can say I learned a lot reading all the material they provide. Doing the exam (writing 6 essays, each one based on a specific topic) was a challenge, but it made me think and process the information more than just memorizing. Even though there are some gyms that do... more
by Ariel Fefer 1342 days ago

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

NASM has great fitness programs! If I could take them all I would. (I currently have 5). Anyone wanting to get into becoming a Personal Trainer, NASM is the best choice!
by Renee Chatham 1364 days ago

National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF)

NCSF is an organization that provides a good, thorough program. They offer a program that ensures you know a great deal about industry. The material can be tricky, but if you are taking the program in a class, you should be able to follow along just fine.
by Jamie Vesel 1365 days ago

American Sports and Fitness Association® (ASFA®)

I got my certification from ASFA some years back as it was expensive paying for certification from other bodies. It okay as long as you are in the fitness industry and you stay up to date by reading books. If other bodies want us to join them, they should bring down their fee. Well done ASFA Bashir... more
by Bashir Bello 1371 days ago

Training and Wellness Certification Commission (TW-CC)

hey guys the link on this page is not working to
by Troy Knudson 1387 days ago

Peak Pilates

Peak Pilates has some of the best education I've experienced in my 15 years of teaching Pilates. It's training isn't JUST about learning exercises and memorizing levels and orders of exercises. They really get to the heart of HOW to be a TEACHER. How to communicate the method to your clients and ... more
by N Ahern 1406 days ago

World Instructor Training Schools (W.I.T.S.)

W.I.T.S. has added 34 new online business courses to help fitness professionals take over their career track. The courses are self paced and mentored so you have constant help. Check out the sales, social media marketing and fitness management courses. Many are taught by authors who train Fortu... more
by JAY DELVECCHIO 1423 days ago

The BioMechanics Method (TBMM)

Excellent and thorough materials. Take the time to truly learn it. It takes practice, but the guidance through the course with video and text is superb.
by Nadja Tapkas 1427 days ago

International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

As Issa certified fitness trainer, I'm deeply trained in everything from muscle mechanics to flexibility and cardiovascular dynamics
by Amanda Fitness 1432 days ago


Why is my Insanity Certification still Pending on the IDEA site?
by Dyanna W. 1440 days ago

YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide, Inc.

Yogafit Training Completed: Levels 1-3 in WA. Job: Graduate student, fitness instructor on the side Review Level 1: Level 1 was wonderful--lots of instructors, lots of basic poses to go through. The class focused on safety. Most students had been taking yoga for a while and so the class wen... more
by Isabel Dalhousie 1476 days ago

The BioMechanics Method (TBMM)

I happened upon the BMM course after I had suffered for over 12 months with a debilitating over-use back injury from training at an international athletic level. I was in constant chronic pain & felt like such a fraud while training my clients & telling them that they need to listen to & look after ... more
by Juels Pellow 1489 days ago