Recent Certification/Training Group Reviews

(ISFTA) International Sports & Fitness Trainers Association (ISFTA)

I have tried to receive a refund from this program since June 2014. I have phoned, emailed and wrote a letter requesting a refund. The reason for the refund is the program was no longer of interest to me as I had changed my major at UMASS. I followed the refund procedures and still no response a... more
by Tanner Houle 1325 days ago

National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA)

I love being an NSCA-CPT. This organization is and excellent educational resource and is always providing opportunities for continuing education. Plus, there is an excellent membership discount for exams, merchandise, and events.
by Madeleine Hart 1327 days ago

National Personal Trainer Institute (NPTI)

They gladly took my money, i asked questions constantly, fed me one faulse hope after the next, to succeed i road my bike there daily 30miles devoted, sold my cars to afford the tuition, its been a year and a half i have applied everywhere within 40miles, interview after interview never having a cha... more
by Alexander Marquez 1330 days ago

Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED™

This is a fantastic program. Not only do I love teaching it, but my students love taking it!
by Sheila Ray 1337 days ago

Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED™

Love, love, love the JM BODYSHRED program! The certification was fantastic, Natalie represented the BODYSHRED program like the star she is. The certification course provided all the tools needed to be confident in instructing the BODYSHRED classes. I have been in the fitness world for 20 years and... more
by Kelli Palmer 1338 days ago

Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED™

I became certified bak in January after having tried the program. It's very well put together, get's you where you need to be in half the time, maximising your workout. They have a great network for instructors, filled with master classes ,move breakdowns, CEUs and a message board. The staff is real... more
by Viktoria Bozsoki 1339 days ago

Powder Blue Production (PB11)

I just completed the Piyo Instructor training yesterday. Is there a way to add this to my bio here on ideafit?
by Peggi Yeager 1341 days ago

American Council on Exercise (ACE)

I am a sports physiotherapist and i have two questions: All the courses provided are online courses. What available workshops or trainings can i find in pittsburgh pensylvania. My main interest is corrective exercise, myofascial release and sports nutrition. Thank you
by Rony Fares 1351 days ago

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

I have taken the NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist Certificate. I thought it was excellent. It had very good text book and on- line videos for each chapter.I found the information useful and applicable with my personal training business.
by Dianne Della Ratta 1351 days ago

Drums Alive (DA)

Do you have a home study course for drum basic course.
by christine wright 1353 days ago

International Strength Training Association LLC (ISTA)

ISTA is legit. I couldnt be happier with the decision I made to get my certification with them. Very affordable and professional people.
by mauro Vera 1355 days ago

Family Safety and Self-Defense Institute (FSI)

Ive been training in the martial arts for over fourteen years and this program condenses all the key skills into one easy to learn program. Very beginner friendly techniques and safety strategies, especially for non martial artists!! The marketing training is excellent and easy to understand. And up... more
by Ricardo Negron 1362 days ago

The BioMechanics Method (TBMM)

I have just completed the level 1 of the TBMM-CES course and found it to be very easy to follow and it made learning the principles, etc more understandable. I was actually wondering how hard the course was going to be, but the teaching method very simple in terms of technological terms. And I w... more
by Maurie Bailey Cofman 1382 days ago

Burn with Kearns

This is a great course/certification. It is mma inspired but has a lot of carry over to other training application. Coach Kearns is amazing.
by Dan Sammit 1386 days ago

International Strength Training Association LLC (ISTA)

Being certified through ISTA is one of the best decisions that I have made. its an unbeatable price and I could access the study material with ease. I gained a vast amount of knowledge on the human body and proper eating habits and I am looking forward to sharing that knowledge with my clients. I am... more
by Anwar Watts 1387 days ago

International Strength Training Association LLC (ISTA)

After I took my personal trainer course with ista I've gatherd most of the primer points that lead me to my new career Thanks ista
by Meshari Alhendi 1388 days ago

International Strength Training Association LLC (ISTA)

I did both certifications and couldn't be happier! You just have to remember that with the personal training certification you have to do the CPR training on your own that is not included with the course. The course material was easy to understand and the demonstration videos showed me exactly what ... more
by Amanda Muick 1403 days ago

International Strength Training Association LLC (ISTA)

As a gym owner, ISTA has provided a very convenient and amazing way for my trainers to expand their knowledge at a very affordable price. I first took my certification to see how it was and without a doubt I knew this was the new way I would expand my trainers knowledge. Thank you so much for the aw... more
by Eric Roberson 1404 days ago

International Strength Training Association LLC (ISTA)

My experience with ISTA was incredible. If I had a question, I received a response almost instantly, and the price for the course/certification was very reasonable! The study materials were written in a way that was easy to understand and to learn. The materials prepared me extremely well for the o... more
by Alyssa D. 1406 days ago

The BioMechanics Method (TBMM)

I've just completed Level 1 The Biomechanics Method and this is by far the best course I have completed in my career in fitness. The materials (manual and videos) were presented very well, it was easy to use and makes learning very enjoyable. I used some of the techniques with my clients whilst co... more
by Sylvia Lokollo 1407 days ago