Recent Certification/Training Group Reviews

Interactive Fitness Trainers of America (IFTA)

Greg Sims is a fabulous trainer; he shares a great blend of technical and social skills in his courses which keeps participants engaged all the time. Very dedicated trainer who ensures that his courses continue to run even when he had a knee injury during one of his international seminars.
by Calvin Ng 1760 days ago


Hey, I just got my Silver Sneaker pass. I was paying to play sports at two City owned and staffed community centers and the other day I used my pass. It was for use of the complete facility but only used it that day for indoor Pickleball. Having never played it prior I must say I picked it up really... more
by Arun S 1766 days ago

(ISFTA) International Sports & Fitness Trainers Association (ISFTA)

What I love about ISFTA is the fact that they include a PRACTICAL component to their CPT certification exams. So not only do learn the information, but you also get first hand experience in having to be able to APPLY it.
by Ryan Ortega 1778 days ago

(ISFTA) International Sports & Fitness Trainers Association (ISFTA)

I would like to thank ISFTA and its GREAT roster of top notch course instructors for the opportunities that have opened up to me since receiving my certificate. Fitness has always been a passion of mine. Now I can turn that passion into a career by helping others fulfill their fitness goals. I wa... more
by Kerri Yomens 1778 days ago

BASI Pilates (BASI)

Don’t plan on ever being able to test out and get a job. Basi only offers certification tests twice a year, which book up 6 months out. The problem being that by the time they list the test date/location on the website, it is already booked and they do not expand to meet the demand. I finished the... more
by Jenn A 1780 days ago

Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) (AFAA)

If I receive a letter with an ID card that has an AFAA member number, does this mean that I passed the Group Fitness Examination??
by K Sher 1785 days ago

American Council on Exercise (ACE)

I just received my ACE CPT certification. The materials provided were wonderful and although challenging, were not overwhelming for one coming from a non-fitness background. I learned things that my physical therapist and occupational therapist friends had studied. ACE has a great support network... more
by Jodi Stone 1788 days ago

LES MILLS (Les Mills)

Please add Les Mills GRIT Series Qualified to the certs here on IDEAFit!
by Teresa Heitman 1804 days ago

International Wellness Institute (IWI)

Hello, Since we are located in Hungary, we currently offer only Hungarian courses, however as the education partner of NASM and Active IQ (UK) we have the possibility to run PT, PES, CES courses in English too. (We already launched severeal PT courses in the past in English, though) Our purpos... more
by Laszlo Zopcsak 1814 days ago

International Wellness Institute (IWI)

Courses are ONLY available in Hungarian language. No English language courses at all.
by Miki Pancot 1816 days ago

The BioMechanics Method (TBMM)

This course was so well designed and presented in such a way that it made learning some crucial ways to help clients who have functional problems or injuries to do misalignments, over use or even the shoes they wear. Justin provides every opportunity for you to learn and practice what you learn by ... more
by No Name 1827 days ago

Health and Fitness Alliance (HFA)

Very bad experience with Health and Fitness Alliance. The owner or manager was a hostile female. When I refused to allow her to bully me, she threatened me and tried to intimate me. I almost paid 800 dollars. Good think I didn't. I highly warn you to keep away from Health and Fitness Alliance
by Johnny1 Zacaria 1834 days ago

STOTT PILATES® (Merrithew™)

I love to be one of the Full Certified STOTT Pilates® instructors. I am so Thankful to MH&F!!!
by Dimitris Kandris 1836 days ago

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

You have 15 days to decide whether or not you want to continue pursuing the certificate program. I went for the WLS within that time frame changed my mind and told them to go ahead and cancel. I paid $99 for the course. They submit a request for a refund that takes 30 days to be reissued. The compla... more
by Cloe Ricks 1838 days ago

National Exercise & Sports Trainers Assn. (NESTA)

Another thing that would be great is if NESTA would let us know what our mistakes were. I called and spoke to Susan (she was awesome by the way - very helpful), and she told me that I wouldn't be able to know what my mistakes were to protect exam integrity. I get it, I do, but I want to be the best ... more
by Majik Mann 1847 days ago

National Exercise & Sports Trainers Assn. (NESTA)

I am really happy with NESTA thus far; in the process of doing the Master Trainer program (PFT CERT accomplished!) and I have just completed the GEI, and I have to be honest, the GEI was easier (but it probably also has to do with the fact that I have been teaching GroupX classes for years now), but... more
by Majik Mann 1847 days ago

The Cooper Institute (CI)

Hello, I attended Coopers, back in 2000. The campus is beautiful and the atmosphere is all fitness and wellness. Doctor Cooper has a great understanding for health and healthy living. I plan to further my education, with Coopers as my point of reference as well as base of learning. Julius Rogers.
by Julius Rogers 1847 days ago

(ISFTA) International Sports & Fitness Trainers Association (ISFTA)

Just took the functional workshop. Have to say it was a great experience. Will recommend to others in my office.
by Beth Martinez 1861 days ago

International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA)

Just came across this site looking for upcoming fitness conferences. I have been certified by IFPA for a few years now. Would highly recommend them. Was able to get a job right away, and I am very proud to have recently opened my own studio. If your looking at to become a PT, IFPA is a great choice!... more
by shelle cortez 1866 days ago

International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

I chose ISSA certification because more emphasis is placed on learning, accredited by DECT, and not just testing. Memorizing for an exam is good, but if a trainer does not have a solid understanding on applying learned knowledge to actual periodized program development based on client needs and goal... more
by Kelly Harris 1879 days ago