Punk Rope

Punk Rope's Testimonials

I LOVE THIS CLASS!!! A while ago I decided to try to get more into working out. This was not easy. However, a friend recommended Punk Rope and after one class I was hooked! I've never been to such a FUN workout class. And this class REALLY does work you hard! It's sort of spoiled me for other classe... more

by Jacqueline M

New York, NY
I've taken many workshops over the years, but the Punk Rope Workshop was the most fun and down-to-earth! One of the things I really liked were the many ideas I could take back and use immediately. And the music—AWESOME! more

by Barbara Van Tine

Tuxedo, NY
I love this city, but sometimes the lack of privacy really gets to me. People in the suburbs can sing or scream in their car to blow off some steam after work, but if you yell in the subway or in your tiny apartment people will stare at you -- or call social services. This is why I LOVE punk rope --... more

by Lauren K

Brooklyn, NY
I took my first Punk Rope class and LOVED it! What an awesome sense of community going on. Halfway through the class I was high-fiving a member I had never met before. That is exactly the kind of atmosphere we strive for here. more

by Susan Verrillo, Director of Health and Wellness, Farmington Valley YMCA

Granby, CT
I just wanted to let you know how successful the Punk Rope for kids class is that I teach. It is normally standing room only and many parents take the class with their kids. Thanks again for helping me keep our youth fit and healthy and jumping! more

by Felicia Gudat, Frederick County YMCA

Frederick, MD
I've been a group exercise instructor for 23 years and have taken a LOT of workshops during that time. The Punk Rope Workshop was easily in the top 5 of ALL the workshops I have ever taken. more

by Jenny Adams, Group Exercise Instructor

St. Louis, MO
I have never ever exercised regularly, because I found it daunting and honestly, just not enjoyable. Punk Rope changed that for me. Sure, I was terrible when I started taking this class, but that was okay. I had so much fun. There was no judgment and people were really friendly. Now, I can jump rope... more

by Howard Wu

Queens, NY