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Punk Rope is a passionate leader in the fight against sedentary living and childhood obesity. We believe that getting fit should be fun and that all people, regardless of size, shape, income, race, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation should have the opportunity to participate in recreational activities that promote health and joy. Founded in New York City in 2004 by personal trainer, Tim Haft, Punk Rope’s mission is fourfold: 1) To promote and share the joy of play through classe... more less
330 First Avenue #8E
New York, NY 10009
Phone Number646.654.0668

Certification/Training Types

DescriptionOffered since 2005, nearly 1000 fitness professionals and enthusiasts have attended the Punk Rope Workshop. The feedback has been incredibly positive and extremely humbling for Punk Rope founders, Tim Haft and Shana Brady, who, by the way, co-lead the majority of the workshops. The 7-hour workshop covers a wide range of material, which is why it appeals to group exercise instructors, personal trainers, PE teachers, and fitness enthusiasts. Topics include: strength training for rope jumping, rope jumping mechanics, the 4-step method of rope jumping, basic and intermediate steps, resting moves, partner jumping, long rope, creative calisthenics, fitness games, partner drills, relay races, warming up and cooling down for rope jumping, music, class structure, and using themes for classes. During the workshop, participants will also have the opportunity to take part in a Punk Rope themed demonstration class. Successful completion of the Punk Rope Workshop and acceptance of the Punk Rope Instructor Agreement leads to a lifetime Punk Rope certificate.
Course Material Price $0.00 Note: Scholarships are available. Host staff and members receive a discount as do early registrants.
Exam Price $0.00 Note: There is no formal exam, however participants will be evaluated during the course of the workshop.
Exam Delivery Method In Person
Practical Exam RequiredYes
Renewal PeriodNo renewal period
CECs/CEUs per renewal period0
Renewal Fee
One Hour of Continuing Education Equals0 -1
CategoryGroup Fitness, Mind Body, Personal Trainer, Sports Conditioning

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3 Reviews

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by Kai O'Neil on Nov 09, 2011

    The moment I talked with Tim, I knew I was a life-long supporter of Punk Rope. The beauty of Punk Rope is that is extremely versitile, budget friendly (important, especially when working at a YMCA) and just down right fun. There are so many tiers of well-being built right into this program. Cardiovascualr improvement, motor coordination, muscle conditioning, team-building skills and character development just to name a few. Great for both young and old, this can be incorporated into any fitness programming with creative thinking. I am truly inspired by Tim's passion and have not put my jump rope down since becoming certified in 2007.

  • by Michelle Rodak on Oct 07, 2011

    I attended my first Punk Rope class the summer of 2007 and while I was not the most adept jumper at first, I was immediately hooked. So hooked in fact that I returned weekly to class and quickly built up enough balance, coordination and endurance to be certified as a Punk Rope Instructor that fall. The class is challenging, exciting, invigorating, and extremely fun (which in my opinion makes the challenging part seem less intimidating to new students). Every fitness level, every skill level is welcome and encouraged. Thanks to an ever-changing series of solo and group jumps, plyometrics, and relays, improvements in strength and confidence are readily and consistently made without the dreaded workout routine boredom. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to totally amp up their workout in the disguise of a good time.

  • by Matthew Mahoney on Oct 05, 2011

    I went to a Punk Rope Certification Seminar years ago based purely on my interest in jumping rope. I was not prepared, but none the less delighted, to have not only learned as much as I did but extremely excited to share what I learned with my students. The jumping rope and punk rock music are fun and can certainly feed into each other but the remarkable benefit of the class is its format that allows for participation from a wide range of abilities while also pushing the more advanced students. The class achieves this by combining: solo, partner and group efforts; all of which are challenging but often so fun you lose sight of how hard you are working. I have taught the class for three to four years (I forget exactly how long) and it continues to be the class that I am most excited to teach and that, as I said, provides a format that can be continuously changed so each class is a new fun workout.